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Spieth named HCCF endowment manager

Spieth named HCCF endowment manager Spieth named HCCF endowment manager

Just one year ago, the Harrison County Community Foundation established the new staff position of endowment manager. This role with the Foundation provides support and resources to nonprofits and agencies that hold one of 300-plus endowment funds with the Foundation.

The HCCF endowments are designed to provide a long-term and growing source of financial support for an organization or cause.

Michelle Dayvault was initially hired for the endowment manager role in February 2022. With her recent promotion to director of development, the Foundation hired Kimberly Spieth on Jan. to succeed Dayvault.

Spieth will serve as the primary point of contact for nonprofits and beneficiaries once a fund has been established. In addition, she will work with nonprofits to grow their endowment funds and, thus, strengthen their long-term sustainability.

A native of Harrison County, Spieth is a graduate of Corydon Central High School and Indiana University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science. She is no stranger to the non-profit world, having been in the profession 14 years. Spieth’s experience includes the YMCA of Harrison County, where she has served as the CEO and previously as the senior program director of membership and marketing. Her earlier work involved being a project coordinator with the Harrison County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

As the endowment manager with the Harrison County Community Foundation, Spieth will draw from her strong interpersonal communication and relationship-building talents to assist nonprofits serving Harrison County with their endowment funds.

“I am thrilled to have Kimberly join our staff at the Foundation,” said Julie Moorman, the Foundation’s president and CEO. “She brings such a wealth of experience, and this role will allow her to continue using her skills to make a difference in Harrison County.”