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Feb. 1, 2023

Feb. 1, 2023 Feb. 1, 2023

•You asked how my personal preferences affect me? It doesn’t. But when it is pushed in schools as a normal way of life and enforced on people who don’t want to hear about it, I have a problem with that.

•To the person that asked to explain how your sexual preferences affect my life? It doesn’t. What you do behind closed doors does not affect me.

•I would like to thank the new manager at the Marengo Elderly Housing. She takes the time to listen to us, and she seems to know how to get to the bottom of the problem. I hope you never leave us.

•I noticed where Corydon Central High School is naming their Hall of Fame athletes. Corydon Central began in 1954-1955. Prior to that time, it was Corydon High School. How can O’Bannon of 1948 and Joe Zimmerman of 1942 be classified as Corydon Central when athletes from New Middletown, Mauckport and New Amsterdam are not eligible? Come on, let’s be fair with all previous athletes.

•Can somebody tell me what is going on with The Salvation Army? I really hope they aren’t going out of business. I can’t afford that other place. The girls that work there are really nice … Well, I’d appreciate it if anyone else knows anything different, if they would let me know.

•I’ve been noticing a couple of Jeeps around town that are running with red lights around their headlights. How in the world is this even legal? Why do the police not do something about it? I’ve had them come up behind me, and I think it’s a cop or something approaching me. I don’t know the difference. Can’t pull over for everybody.

•I was watching TV, and I can’t believe how many ads are on the TV channels when you’re watching something.

•Someone called into the Live Wire, voicing their opinion to women being quiet in church. If you finished your Bible study, you would have learned that when they went to church back then, the men sat on one side, and the ladies on the other. When the ladies didn’t understand something, they would holler out loud to their husbands, “What does that mean? Explain that to us!” So therefore, it was written that women should remain silent in church. If you are to go to the book of Joel, it will tell you that “your handmaidens will prophesy.” Handmaidens will prophesy? How can they prophesy if they’re supposed to stay quiet?

•I appreciate The Corydon Democrat following the sports events of the Harrison County schools. The photographer does such a great job taking pictures of the athletes in motion with facial expressions to reveal their emotion. The coverage and the details of the game is really great to read. Also, thanks to the local radio station that broadcast the games. The announcers make the game so interesting that you can almost see the game happening. Thanks to everyone involved. Teachers, coaches, parents and students working together to make the school’s sports programs possible. Athletes who participate in any sports are to be commended and praised for their workouts and practices that they are willing to do to be a part of a team. Athletics provides an education of learning teamwork and good sportsmanship in the losses as well as the wins. These lessons will be carried out to their adult life.

•In response to the Live Wire comments about the basketball team, they should get a trophy, etc. That’s not what I was saying at all or believe in. I agree with most of what was said but this isn’t high school; it’s elementary and junior high that I have experienced. My point was that you represent your school, coach or a player you respect the other team. You show excellence in yourself. It looks very bad to press the defensive lead when you’re up 20 points or more to humiliate the visiting team or school. That was my point.

•Has anyone else noticed the new Jackson Hewitt commercial? It’s disgusting and distasteful.

•I appreciate the effort the junior high coaches have made since the Live Wire comments to get the kids in the game. I know having 15 kids on the bench is difficult. I even think it’s better when you work one or two in the starting lineup. This prepares 15 for high school instead of just six or seven. It’s a shame that we can’t have a sit-down meeting with the athletic directors, coaches, parents, team captains and other players to come up with suggestions to improve our athletic program to make sure all the kids on the team have the best experience possible.