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Panthers show out on senior night

Panthers show out on senior night
Panthers show out on senior night
Corydon Central senior Logan Edwards comes up for a breath during the boys' 200-yard medley relay during the Panthers' four-way home meet against Lanesville, Scottsburg and Providence on Thursday. Edwards had a strong showing on senior night, finishing first in both the 50-yard freestyle (25.02) and the 100-yard breaststroke (1:17.41), setting a personal record in the latter. Photo by Brandon Miniard
By Brandon Miniard, Sports Writer, [email protected]

The Corydon Central swim team hosted Lanesville, Scottsburg and Providence for a swim meet at the YMCA of Harrison County on Thursday night. The meet was also the program’s senior night, honoring its trio of seniors: Haley Drury, Logan Edwards and Nathalie Laaz.

Placements for each event by area swimmers were provided. They are:

Girls’ Local Placements
200-yard medley relay — Corydon Central (Drury, LaHue, King and Edwards), first (2:20.00); Corydon Central (Smith, Johnson, Stilwell and Applegate), 3rd (2:22.87).
200-yard freestyle — Megan King (CC), 1st (2:16.26); Addison Alford (CC), 3rd (2:46.85); Ava Gerdon (CC) 4th (2:47.71).
200-yard individual medley — Madison Stilwell (CC), 1st (2:26.91); Ella Johnson (CC) 2nd (2:34.27); Haelley Shearer (CC) 6th (3:35.74).
50-yard freestyle -— Addison Applegate (CC) 1st (28.87); Nathalie Laaz (CC) 6th (37.31); Laurynn Smith (CC) 8th (40.64).
100-yard butterfly — Madison Stilwell (CC) 1st (1:08.56); Georgia LaHue (CC) 3rd (1:16.38); Maisey Zurschmeide (LANE) 4th (1:20.94); Haelley Shearer (CC) 7th (1:50.05).
100-yard freestyle — Kassie Zurschmeide (LANE) 1st (1:03.40); Addison Applegate (CC) 2nd (1:03.66); Ava Gerdon (CC) 3rd (1:10.19).
500-yard freestyle — Megan King (CC) 1st (6:09.20); Sydney Edwards (CC) 3rd (7:16.48).
100-yard backstroke — Georgia LaHue (CC) 1st (1:12.43); Maisey Zurschmeide (LANE) 2nd (1:14.16); Sydney Edwards (CC) 3rd (1:23.04); Haley Drury (CC) 5th (1:34.05); Laurynn Smith (CC) 7th (1:40.51).
100-yard breaststroke — Ella Johnson (CC) 1st (1:19.13); Kassie Zurschmeide (LANE) 2nd (1:20.14); Addison Alford (CC) 4th (1:32.13); Nathalie Laaz (CC) 9th (1:51.45).
400-yard freestyle — Corydon Central (Johnson, Drury, King and Stilwell) 1st (4:26.77); Corydon Central (Alford, Shearer, LaHue and Gerdon) 3rd (5:09.15).
Boys’ Local Placements
200-yard medley relay — Corydon Central (Marnell, Edwards, LaHue and Casabella) 1st (2:03.62).
50-yard freestyle — Logan Edwards (CC) 1st (25.02); Alex Marnell (CC) 5th (28.64).
100-yard freestyle — Booker LaHue (CC) 1st (57.33); Evan Casabella (CC) 4th (1:04.62).
200-yard freestyle relay — Corydon Central (Casabella, LaHue, Edwards and Marnell) 1st (1:47.55).
100-yard backstroke — Booker LaHue (CC) 2nd (1:09.92); Alex Marnell (CC) 4th (1:30.96).
100-yard breaststroke — Logan Edwards (CC) 1st (1:17.41); Evan Casabella (CC) 2nd (1:30.01).