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Today’s Americans inauthentic, nothing like their ancestors

It almost seems every American is an actor today, inauthentic in every part of our daily walk. We believe our personal lives are empowered, resilient, kind and diverse. In fact, we are bony and weak, prone to anxiety and depression, malicious and all the same in our approach to life.

Our education is a pathway for status, not focused on knowledge; our career choices are made for financial gain, not for belonging and community; our politics are contentious, not conciliatory; our religion is skin deep and ill-informed, not truly “Christian.”

Americans act out the role of being real Americans. Our ancestors were trustworthy, reverent, courteous, thrifty, brave and obedient, just as the code of scouts remembers them. But we are virtually the opposite: unreliable, irreverent, mannerless, spendy, fearful and obnoxiously oppositional.

Our imitation of our ancestors is pure theater.

I once wrote an article saying instead of laying flowers at our ancestors’ graves, we should try to be more like them. I was vilified for favoring devotion in labor instead of a devotion in money.

Here is what we really are today. We use a pristine diamond forged over thousands of years in the bowels of the earth to symbolize our love and then leave each other in a few short years when the going gets tough.

Our ancestors weren’t like us, folks.

Kimball Shinkoskey | Woods Cross, Utah