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NMES revealed much during its Christmas program

I attended the Christmas program at New Middletown Elementary School. Let me tell you what I saw.

I saw a decorated lobby, decorated hallways and classrooms highlighting the students.

I saw a wonderfully decorated gym with welcoming lights, a winter backdrop, a fireplace, rockers, decorated tree and other items which underscored the Christmas season.

I saw and heard beautiful Christmas piano music played by Margie Tiegland.
I saw an enthusiastic principal, teachers and support staff who were proud of their students. Their feelings were justified in my eyes by the students’ behavior and their joyous participation in their program. Each class joined with their classmates in various Christmas songs with two young ladies blessing us with well-performed solos and a helpful “Elf in Training.”

I saw, along with the others in a full gymnasium, teachers joining in as Mrs. Santa Claus, dancing reindeer and an elf with others dressed in Christmas finery.

I saw a program that reflected much time and effort in preparation and presentation.

At the conclusion of the program, Mr. Briscoe, the principal, asked that we look around at others in the gym. He stated that their school is about the students and their families.

I looked and I saw dads and moms, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, great-, great-great- and even great-great-great aunts and uncles, cousins and other friends enjoying themselves at the program. His statement was proved true last night.

And most of all, I saw a school that I am very pleased is teaching the children of our families and friends to learn to the very best of their abilities, to be well behaved and be as proud as I am of their school.

Sharon Wolfe Chumley | Proud alumni of New Middletown Grade School