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Dec. 28, 2022

Dec. 28, 2022 Dec. 28, 2022

•I have read several comments in the Live Wire about the … basketball team. I would like to make a suggestion that over Christmas break that the athletic directors from all the schools in Harrison County come up with a good sportsmanship protocol for the coaches and players. Evidently, some do not know that it looks very poor on a school team when a coach continues in the second half of the game with starting five and a full-court press and a 25-point leader board. It seems like it would show better sportsmanship to these players on the bench with very little playing time than to run up the score on a visiting team. I think this is just one issue that needs to be addressed in the area of good sportsmanship by our coaches. We should expect the best attitude and conduct from our coaches and players when they represent our schools.

•Thank you to whoever was responsible for turning in my two “forgotten” bags of groceries at the JayC Plus Store in Corydon on Thursday morning. I was in a hurry to get to work and didn’t notice I had left them until I got to work. I immediately drove back to the store, where my bags were waiting for me at the service desk. The kind gesture of turning in the bags of groceries was greatly appreciated.

•I drove from Corydon to Laconia on Christmas Day on old S.R. 337 and old S.R. 11. Well, the areas in the town of Corydon were plowed very well; most of the snow was removed. However, if you go on these two new county roads that the state pushed on the county … they were not in good shape. In fact, they look like in certain places that they barely looked touched. These are well-traveled roads. The county should have never taken on these new roads if they had not intended on maintaining them …

•On Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022, I drove by the Harrison County Fairgrounds. I noticed the grandstand was being torn down. I know the grandstand came from the old baseball park in Louisville, Ky. I can remember when the old grandstand was built out of wood. It burnt down in the late 1950s or early 1960s. I took some pictures while they were tearing it down. It was a nice grandstand when my family and I would go to the fair. We have lived in Corydon all of our lives.

•The Harrison County Highway Dept. gets an “F” for doing anything about the snow and ice. I live up on Mount Solomon Road, up on a hill, and it’s Christmas. They didn’t put down any gravel on the east or the west or anything, either side of the hill …

•For the person that was wondering where the $2.99 gas in Corydon came from, it wasn’t from Joe Biden because he currently suspended 4,500 drilling permits from oil in America.

•I fully agree with the callers that have been calling in about coaches not putting in subs when team’s ahead 20 to 40. This is not just going on in junior high, it is also happening in high school, both boys and girls. All the subs come to practice every day and practice hard against the starters, but they never get in the game and, when they do five subs come in. Coaches (rarely) let in one or two subs with three or four starters, and they may send five subs to check in at three minutes left in the game, but they usually don’t get in until there is less than one minute left in the game. What a slap in the face. This is very demeaning to these kids. Wake up, coaches. Would you want your kids to be treated this way? School board members need to take notice.

•This is for the person that called in wanting to know where it says in the Bible that homosexually is wrong. It’s in Romans chapter 1 verse 23, 24, 25, 26, 27. It tells them how wrong it is. Verse 29 says, “They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, unclean spirits, and there will be no place in heaven for them.” No, it’s not because I hate them; it’s because I love them enough to tell them the truth. There it is; just read Romans chapter 1; (it) will tell you all about how wrong it is and that is the New Testament by the way, King James edition, for the person that was curious and wanting to find out where it says in the Bible that it’s wrong. It says it says it more than once, but Romans will illustrate it for you so good.

•I saw in the weekly paper that they are tearing the grandstand down at the fairgrounds. I’m just wondering how long it’s going to take the fair board to back the county and commissioners for our tax money.