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‘Retired’ female athletes advance their names by using their bodies

Female athletes have found a way into the future after their necessarily short competitive careers.

Today, “retired” 30-somethings sell their sculpted bodies for magazine photo shoots and for a life as social media “influencers.” They pose in nothing but body paint, exposing plenty besides their medals to advance their names.

Does this empower women? In a way, yes. Does this objectify women? Yes, truly.

Does this honor women? Their bodies maybe, but maybe not their minds and their families.

Does this advance women? Their financial security, yes. Their social lives? Maybe overmuch. Their right to equal pay? Maybe their own, but probably not others’.

Does this honor the community, the nation and our ancestors? Hmmm.

Can you hardly wait for your daughter to become a body paint model stretched out on a beach-front rock outcropping with nothing on except what she came into this world with? Hmmm.

Kimball Shinkoskey | Woods Cross, Utah