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The family of Roy and Louise Wolfe met for their annual Christmas dinner Dec. 10 in the Bethany Church of New Middletown fellowship hall with 52 people present.

The dinner was hosted by the family of Dumont (Bus) Wolfe and James Wolfe. Robert Raisor offered the blessing.

Those attending were Robert and Lois Raisor, Ransdell Raisor, Sue Bline, Steve and Debi Wolfe, Lillian Wolfe, Jacob Wolfe, Shirley Wolfe, Oren and Sharon Chumley, Dumont Wolfe II, Tamara Jacques, Demetrio, Tiffany, Leo (Buster) and Lilyanna Garcia, Heather and Christopher Mattingly, Gary (Pete), Beck and Kimberly Wolfe, Travis, Carrie, Titus and Stella Wolfe, Krista, Winston, Gretchen, Abram and Murray Briscoe, Betty Wolfe, Samuel and Juanita Paul and Gina Mathews, Cassie, Clayton, Fiona and Sam Wolfe, Samuel II and Jean Wolfe, Brad, Maria, John and Walter Clapp, George Wolfe and Samantha Colvin, and James, Phyllis, Denisa and Jalisa Wolfe.

After the pitch-in meal, attendees reminisced about family events of past Christmas celebrations.

The luncheon next year is scheduled for the second Sunday in December and will be hosted by he families of Kathleen Raisor and Robert Wolfe.