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Dec. 21, 2022

Dec. 21, 2022 Dec. 21, 2022

•There was a commercial on TV, where Santa comes through the door and has a bag of cookies and he throws them in the trash, drops his suit off, takes off his fillers and jumps on the treadmill. This is a shame that you have this commercial on television. Little kids look forward to fixing Santa cookies, and if he didn’t want to eat them, he should have given them to somebody poor. Shame on you, Santa, if your life is way more important to ride that treadmill.

•I’m calling for the people that saw me pick up the paper towels. I found the lady that dropped them. Everyone else is just walking around not even letting her know that she dropped her paper towels. People, it’s almost Christmas and you can’t be kind? Come on. What is wrong with everybody? Kindness needs to return to this world. God bless!

•December the 25th is Jesus Christ’s birthday. Can you please tell me how Santa Claus fits in with this? I don’t see it anyway.

•I seen in the paper last week that a man in Harrison County was sent up for molesting a 14-year-old girl. I personally know this man, and I’m glad Harrison County is on their toes, on the ball, so to speak. …

•I wanted to complement everyone in our little town of Corydon, from the store-front windows, beautiful paintings, decorations, the square and all of those who decorated their houses. Thanks to everyone for making it so pretty.

•Jesus is the reason for the season, not Santa Claus.

•Pete Schickel was also a member of the Knights of Columbus for 81 years. He was also a past Grand Knight. Also, Jim Nolot was a member for 46 years. Both good men.

•I saw in the Live Wire last week about how the junior high coaches are only playing six or seven players when they are 20 or 25 points ahead. I absolutely agree; I believe that they kept 15 to 20 players this year to get them excited for high school, yet some kids have only been off the bench two or three times. I do not have a child playing basketball at the junior high school. I’m just concerned for the mental attitude and mental welfare for all the boys that they kept on the team. It really looks bad when you see the same kids practice hard every day, I am sure, and then go out there and get no playing time. Is no one else aware of this situation?

• I’m sitting here reading the Live Wire from last week’s paper. Someone called in and said to get upset over someone that is gay just goes to show how close-minded some people are. No, it goes to show how much they love the Lord and want to obey his ordinances and will respect his commandments. And they was asking also now, if you’re thinking about calling in to say it’s in the Bible, show me wher4e in the Bible that Jesus says it’s wrong …

•I was reading (Live Wire) about the … coaches not letting those that are standing by play when they are 25 points ahead. I have never forgotten what happened in the early 1980s at North Harrison High School. My son and several others that were also in the band would stand by freezing without coats hoping to be allowed to play, but the coach would not put them in even when they had not missed a practice. My husband and other parents were freezing in the bleachers, and I felt so sorry for the ones not getting to play. At the start of the football season, the coach had told them that he only wanted them to be in football and not in the band. So, that was the end of my son’s football career.

•I would like to know where the $2.99 gas came from in Corydon. It couldn’t have been (President Joe) Biden’s fault and raises in our Social Security. It sure didn’t come from the Republicans …