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Dec. 14, 2022

Dec. 14, 2022 Dec. 14, 2022

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•I was wondering why you haven’t written an article about Methodist churches in Harrison County leaving the Methodist church.
Editor’s note: It is on the story list to do.

• … To get upset over someone that is gay just goes to show how close-minded some people can be and also shows how religions fail. If your religion is not about peace and love, you need a new religion. Now, if you’re thinking about calling in to say that it’s in the Bible, show me where Jesus speaks out about gays and lesbians.

•My comment is about New Salisbury. I have lived up here now for two years. I used to live in Corydon, and we really need a fast-food restaurant up here. There is nothing, nowhere to really eat. Please someone consider putting a fast-food restaurant in New Salisbury.

•I don’t understand why the Lanesville ball park lights have been on, day and night for the past three days. This seems like such a waste of electricity. Can anyone answer why?
Editor’s note: The lights were on in honor of Peter J. Schickel, the Lanesville resident who passed away last Tuesday night. Schickel and his late wife, Joan, were instrumental in getting the ball fields built at Lanesville.

•The Harrison County commissioners need to step up. The Southern Indiana Rescue gave us $10,000 to build a fence so that they dogs can have a place to run outside. The least the commissioners can do is to send this over to the town council so they can consider coming up with the rest of the money. $10,000 is an extremely generous donation, and we should act on it by trying to raise further funds ourselves.

•Just wondering what the reasoning is behind junior high and middle school coaches playing only six or seven players when they are 20 to 25 points ahead of the team and they have eight other kids sitting on the bench watching. I thought the purpose of junior ball was to help kids get ready for high school and to get them excited about playing? I’m not seeing how this is helping.