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Results for some HC fair’s open-class listed

Results for some HC fair’s open-class listed Results for some HC fair’s open-class listed

The Harrison County Extension Office provided the names of the first-, second- and third-place winners from the open-class exhibits at this year’s county fair.

For floriculture, vegetables, pomology, and grains, field products and other products, they are:


Amarylis — Lydia Robertson, first; Lori Moberly, second

Begonia, potted — Karen Schwartz, first; Ben Robertson, second

Begonia specimen — Savannah Moberly, first; Evan Moberly, second; Marcia Gliottone, third

Butterfly bush bouquet — Karen Schwartz, first; Evan Moberly, second

Butterfly bush specimen — Karen Schwartz, first; Gabe Robertson, second; Bev Dodds, third

Cockscomb specimen — Karen Schwartz, first; Bev Dodds, second; Shelby Robertson, third

Cosmos specimen — Bev Dodds, first; Karen Schwartz, second; Marcia Gliottone, third

Dahlia specimen — Karen Schwartz, first

Daylily bouquet — Karen Schwartz, first; Devin Morin, second

Daylily specimen — Bev Dodds, first; Bonnie McCollum, second; Velda Harris, third

Geranium, potted — Karen Schwartz, first

Geranium specimen — Bev Dodds, first; Marcia Gliottone, second; Karen Schwartz, third

Hydrangea specimen — Velda Harris, first; Jon Moberly, second; Sean Engleman, third

Lily bouquet — Lori Moberly, first; Marcia Gliottone, second

Lily specimen — Loretta Whitlow, first; Cherri Stephenson, second; Sarah Harris, third

Marigold bouquet — Marcia Gliottone, first; Bobbie Schwartz, second; Bev Dodds, third

Marigold specimen — Bev Dodds, first; Lydia Robertson, second; Karen Schwartz, third

Phlox bouquet — Bev Dodds, first

Phlox specimen — Bev Dodds, first; Wanda Meriwether, second

Roses bouquet, one color — Karen Schwartz, first

Rose, single specimen — Sarah Harris, first; Paul Raake, second; Savannah Moberly, third

Snapdragon bouquet — Bev Dodds, first

Snapdragon specimen — Karen Schwartz, first; Marcia Gliottone, second; Wendy Meriwether, third

Sunflower specimen — Karen Schwartz, first; Lydia Robertson, second

Zinnia bouquet — Karen Schwartz, first

Zinnia specimen — Bobby Schwartz, first; Karen Schwartz, second; Hank Robertson, third

Specimen of flowers not listed — Mary Eve, first; Rita Anderson, second; Kelly Reich, third

Bouquet of garden flowers — Bev Dodds, first; Karen Schwartz, second; Hank Robertson, third

Floral arrangement, misc. — Jo Beth Mathes, first; Jenny Tuell, second; Karen Schwartz, third

Flower box or planter arrangement, potted — Sheila Jackson, first; Ron Byerley, second; Janice Sauerheber, third

Dried flower arrangement — Betty Sonner, first; Nyla Engleman Smith, second; Wanda Harmon, third

Wild flower arrangement — Bev Dodds, first; Nyla Engleman Smith, second; Karen Schwartz, third

African violet — Wanda Meriwether, first; Anna Beanblossom, second; Loretta Whitlow, third

Boston fern, potted — Bonnie McCollum, first; Karen Schwartz, second; Paul Raake, third

Cactus garden — Bev Dodds, first

Cactus, potted — Bobbie Schwartz, first; Mike Harmon, second; Richard Waldo, third

Fern other than Boston, potted — Bonnie McCollum first; Karen Schwartz, second; Billy McCollum, third

Flowering plants other than listed — Hailey Morin, first; Karen Schwartz, second; Janice Sauerheber, third

Foliage plants other than listed — Kelly Reich, first; Karen Schwartz, second; Iris Yeager, third

Hanging baskets, flowering — Patti Byerley, first; Karen Schwartz, second; Courtney Greenwell, third

Hanging baskets, foliage — Kelly Reich, first; Cherri Stephenson, second; Marcia Gliottone, third

Herbs, 3 or more kinds in a single pot — Karen Schwartz, first; Bonnie McCollum, second; Gabe Robertson, third

Ivy, indoor small leaf, potted — Bev Dodds, first

Philodendron, potted — Linda Hubbard, first

Succulent plants, potted — Cherri Stephenson, first; Beverly Dodds, second; Alice Vincent, third

Succulent plates potted — Lydia Robertson, first; Bev Dodds, second; Marcia Gliottone, third


Asparagus — Fletcher Abner, first; Isabelle Abner, second; Linda Abner, third

White onions — Jenny Tuell, first; Dorie Wilkerson, second; Samantha Wilkerson, third

Other onions ­— Ariel Camm, first

Peppers, banana, sweet — Richard Waldo, first; Jenny Tuell, second; Jo Beth Mathes, third

Potatoes, sweet — Paul Raake, first

Potatoes, white — Dorie Wilkerson, first; Samantha Wilkerson, second

Summer squash, green, any variety — Bev Dodds, first

Squash, summer, yellow, any variety — Bev Dodds, first

Tomatoes — Jenny Tuell, first

Vegetable specialty, not listed above — Jenny Tuell, first; Bev Dodds, second


Blackberries, fresh, tame — Lois Raisor, first

Blueberries, fresh — Mary Eve, first

Cherries, fresh — Robert Jacobs, first

Grapes, any variety — Robert Jacobs, first

Pears, sugar — Robert Jacobs, first; Karen Schwartz, second


Grass hay — Gary Geswein, first

Broom corn, any variety — Sean Engleman, first

Corn stalk, any variety — Gary Geswein, first; Jacob Morin, second

Sorghum seed head — Sean Engleman, first

Soybeans — Jacob Morin, first; Gary Geswein, second

Gourd, dried — Hannah Raake, first

Honey — Hannah Raake, first