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15 years ago

Dec. 5, 2007

Jeff Davis, chief financial officer for Harrison County Hospital in Corydon, asked the Harrison County Commissioners for an additional appropriation of $214,672, for the emergency ambulance budget Monday morning. The county council had earmarked $603,000 for the ambulance budget for 2007, but it appears the actual operating budget for the year, estimating the rest of December, will be $850,000. In 2005, the cost to operate the ambulance service was $620,000; it was $650,000 in 2006. Davis said the cost fluctuates from year to year.

Harrison County has settled the last two of four separate lawsuits against the sheriff’s department totaling nearly $87,000. The most recent cases settled were with Mary A. Ward, who was awarded $30,000, and Ray Byrne, $10,000. Earlier, Lina M. Misamore’s case was settled for $20,000 and Danielle Smith’s for $26,500.

The Harrison County Regional Sewer District will have a public hearing next Wednesday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. in the Commissioners/Council Room of the Harrison County Court House on the rate ordinance for Harrison County Hospital. The meeting will be the only RSD meeting in December. The RSD discussed the draft agreement for the takeover of the Berkshire Waste Water Treatment Plant east of New Salisbury at its meeting Nov. 21. The agreement will be sent back to SSK Inc. after some changes are made. The RSD will charge SSK a rate based on the base flow, and anything above that will be charged be gallon.

In a rivalry game, quick starts are pretty important. Friday night, North Harrison’s start came with a missed bucket and an injury, then the game got worse as visiting Corydon Central coasted to a 72-38 win over the Cougars.

Deaths: Anne K. Able, 70; John T. (Jack) Kirkham, 79; Irma E. Radmacher, 86; Spencer Avery (Daddy’s Porkchop) Sapp, 9; Wanda Lee Huff, 84; Florence Prenatt, 86; Marion Eugene (M.E.) Cline, 66; Dr. Frank L. Gliottone, 90; Ina Rae Watson Reader, 61; Marvin Ray Wagner, 68; David E. Sharp, 60; John Manuel Booth, 76; Dennis William Cummings, 20.

25 years ago

Dec. 10, 1997

An Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management clean-up operation at 3-B Barrels and Drums in Central Barren has revealed 275 drums of waste materials, some of which is hazardous. IDEM’s Office Environmental Response and a contractor, Quality Environmental Professional Inc. of Indianapolis have taken samples from nearly 80 drums. Ten of those contain hazardous wastes such as flammables, peroxides and corrosives, said Matt Klein, IDEM’s environmental manager. A couple drums contain used oil. Another four contain asbestos.

Blue River Services Inc. has assumed the management and responsibility of the often financially-strapped Wyandotte House in Corydon, a temporary home for abused or neglected youth ages 6 through 18. The safe house was established by the non-profit Harrison-Crawford Juvenile Task Force some 16 years ago.

After reviewing the same subdivision proposal for half a year, the Harrison County Plan Commission gave final plat approval Thursday night to the proposed Brunner Hill Road subdivision, despite objections from 27 neighbors and a lawsuit the neighbors filed to stop the development. Eight of the nine of the plan commission members were present. Five voted in favor, two were opposed and commission president Jim Klinstiver did not vote.

Pharmacist and fisherman extraordinaire William H. (Blackie) Butt, owner and operator of Butt Valu Rite Drugs in Corydon for 52 years, died yesterday at 1 a.m. at Harrison County Hospital after a two-year battle with cancer. He would have been 84 on Dec. 23.

Michael Ray Dar, 35, of New Salisbury, died early Saturday morning following a single-vehicle crash Friday night in Ramsey. Dar, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown from his 1989 Chevrolet Beretta.

The theft of cave formations and disturbing a bat during the early hours of Nov. 23 put Robert Grant, 20, of Marengo in jail Friday after Indiana conservation officers found there was enough evidence to issue a warrant.

Football for North Harrison and Corydon Central concluded a month and a half ago, but there was a pigskin atmosphere in Ramsey Friday night for the annual matchup between the two county rivals in basketball. The Panthers opened up a surprising 21-point lead at the half and held on for a deceiving “two touchdown” victory, 83-69.

Deaths: Robert Lee Farnsley, 35; Roy R. Kessler, 72; Dewey Ray, 81; Benjamin F. Hendricks, 67; Anna Roberts Maulden, 84; Robert Lester Barnes Jr., 44; Wayne W. Harpe, 77; Ruth Jones Barr, 87; Sylvia G. Hanaver, 89; Bob Redden, 80; William Allen Reckard, 77; Elizabeth G. Williams, 90; Claude A. Lindsey Jr., 73; George M. Shuck, 81; Robert Lee Rapp, 54; Emma Viola Bullington Stroud, 86; Earl (Sparkie) Sparkman, 64; Michael Ray Dar, 35; William H. (Blackie) Butt, 83.

50 years ago

Dec. 6, 1972

Santa Claus arrived in Corydon Saturday morning behind a team of miniature mules, Bunny and Bonnie. In the afternoon, he will make his appearance in Lanesville by helicopter.

The Rev. Allen F. Finkbinder is the new director of Harrison County’s Public Welfare Dept. He succeeds Mrs. Claude Davis, who retired in August after serving 31 years.

Six-hundred-ninety-two Hoosiers will travel to Los Angeles for the American Farm Bureau Federation national convention. William G. Shafer, chairman of Harrison County Farm Bureau, is one of the delegates.

Miss Janet M. Combs, a Corydon Central High School English teacher, was elected to a two-year term as ISTA District 15 representative on the Committee on Permanent Organization.

Fred M. Cromwell is re-elected president of the Harrison County Chamber of Commerce. Jack L. Windell was re-elected vice president.

Bill Davis was elected president of the Corydon Country Club Tuesday night. He succeeds Leonard Humphrey. Davis and Carl Kopp are the two new directors. The club has 290 members.

Births: Boys — Sharon Wiseman, Brenda Gillespie, Mary J. West, Mrs. Walter Blank, Mrs. James Ruoff; girls — Carolyn Grant, Linda Shewmaker, Sheridan Wade, Mrs. Allen Baumgartle.

Deaths: John W. Bird; Thelma (Sammy) Proctor, 54; Everett W. Allen, 53; J. Kenneth Lord, 55; Golda Martin, 78; Lee Schwender, 100; J. Bernard Stansbury, 75.

65 years ago

Dec. 4, 1957

The Corydon Board of Town Trustees, at its meeting last week, decided to purchase two smoke masks with tanks to be added to the Volunteer Fire Dept. They also voted to allot members of the department a clothing allowance of $25 each. They receive $50 a year salary, now making a total of $75.

Harrison County’s draft quota was met with the induction of two young men who left from Corydon Tuesday morning. James Stepro, 22, and Ronnie Gunther, 22, were sent to Fort Knox, Ky., for basic training.

Telephones of the Palmyra area were cut over to dial phoning in the system of the Eureka Telephone Co. last Sunday. The Palmyra area now has 337 subscribers.

Work has been started on the new residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. Blaine Hays Sr. just south of their present home along S.R. 135, south of Corydon.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Russell Poe; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Robson, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Craig.

Deaths: Richard E. (Dick) Humphrey, 82; Basil Royse, 74; Cora Faith, 73; John J. Miller, 75; Emmett Timberlake, 82; Loren Tyler; Eva Marsh, 82; Ethal Miller, 72; Leo Wimp; Henry McAdams, 86; Elmer O. Schweinhart, 59; Patricia Sue Kendall, infant; Erma Baughn; Elizabeth Hunter, 87.

75 years ago

Dec. 10, 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barnes have sold their store at Kosmosdale, Ky. to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Heiss. Mr. and Mrs. Heiss have moved to Kosmosdale from Decatur, Ga. Mrs. Heiss is the former Louise Fleace of New Middletown.

Margaret Walk, who is an exchange teacher in England, sees the royal procession to and from Westminster Abbey at the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Births: Boys — none; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. James Voyles.

Deaths: Charles F. Ehalt, 71; Walter E. Tuell, 57; John McClaren, 79; Emmett Mitchell, 64; Mary Sieg, 59; Florence Lone, 64; Thomas B. Lopp, 63; James L. Best, infant; Melvina McRae.

100 years ago

Dec. 6, 1922

Miss Oral Kopp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilford H. Kopp, went to Lebanon, Ohio, to accept employment as a teacher in the Otterbein home.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Bye of Spencer Township entertained his sister, Mrs. Mary Henriott, and family, his brother, Charles F. Bye of Utah and Dan Radcliff on Thanksgiving Day.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Albert Conlee; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boone, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Love

Deaths: Andrew Dodge, 70; Jordan Greer, 82; Mrs. Rhoda Conner, 100; William Jackson Bottorff, 98.