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Wiring makes a difference

Wiring makes a difference
Wiring makes a difference
Dr. Wayne Willis

How are you wired?

Some have type A circuitry. They are assertive, ambitious, adventurous, “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow until you find your dream” people. They may be CEOs or venture capitalists, generals or astronauts, quarterbacks or point guards or rock stars. They are, or aspire to be, the leader of the pack. They live life largely in overdrive.

Some of us, by contrast, have a laid back “What, me worry?” personality. We go through the storms of life imperturbable stoics. Given a choice between outrageous success and peace of mind, we choose the latter. We have a type B circuitry. The B stands for balance, something like Aristotle’s golden mean, ever opting for moderation somewhere between the extremes of everything and nothing.

Some see additional circuitries, like C and E. C personalities seek and find perfect control. They eschew hype and drama and emotionalism, favoring pure logic. They acquire relevant facts and data so they can be accurate and right, down to the tiniest detail. Think pharmacist or rocket scientist or brain surgeon. Think Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

Some see, perhaps in gest, type E personalities. They run on likability. Their aim is to become everything to everybody so not to offend anyone.

Labeling people is dangerous. Most of us are too complicated to fit snugly into an alphabet box. Such categories, however, can give us handles for understanding and discussing conflicts and alliances, strengths and weaknesses, especially in the workplace and in romantic entanglements.

For example, I consider myself a B+ married to an unmitigated A. Much of what initially attracted us to each other was our common type A drive for excellence. Now, in life’s late autumn; I’m feeling less driven, more comfortable identifying with the B’s. This old leopard is changing his spots.