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C-town Invite hosts local swimmers

C-town Invite hosts local swimmers
C-town Invite hosts local swimmers
Corydon Central’s Haley Drury comes up for air during the 200-yard individual medley Monday during the Charlestown Girls’ Invitational. Photo by Brandon Miniard
By Brandon Miniard, Sports Writer, [email protected]

Corydon Central, Lanesville and North Harrison all began the current week of the high school swimming season within the confines of Charlestown Middle School, the site of the annual Charlestown girls’ swimming invitational.

Listed below are the local placements for each event:

200-Yard Medley Relay – Corydon Central (LaHue, E. Johnson, King, Stilwell) second (2:07.17), North Harrison (A. Johnson, E. Wright, Kays, Wiseman) third (2:17.90), North Harrison (Schultz, Stiles, Moorman, Witham) 11th (3:02.94); 200-Yard Freestyle – Madison Stilwell (CC) first (2:05.90), Destiny Kays (NH) second (2:25.38), Kassie Zurschmeide (L) fourth (2:29.46), Sydney Edwards (CC) sixth (2:39.14), Ava Gerdon (CC) 16th (2:59.05), Maria Garcia (NH) 18th (3:01.70), Analise Wright (NH) 19th (3:11.34); 200-Yard Individual Medley – Megan King (CC) third (2:30.17), Ella Johnson (CC) fourth (2:36.95), E.V. Wright (NH) sixth (2:49.62), Avery Wiseman (NH) seventh (3:01.91), Katie Wise (NH) 10th (3:20.07), Haley Drury (CC) 12th (3:25.46); 50-Yard Freestyle – Addison Applegate (CC) second (29.47), Cali Fink (NH) 10th (36.50), Brook Schultz (NH) 11th (37.58), Quiara Lathan (CC) 13th (39.32), Callie Higdon (NH) 14th (39.92), Haelley Shearer (CC) 18th (43.26); 100-Yard Butterfly – Megan King (CC) first (1:06.66), Georgia LaHue (CC) third (1:19.81), Destiny Kays (NH) fifth (1:27.33), Vicki Moorman (NH) 10th (2:02.34), Kylie Witham (NH) 11th (2:10.51); 100-Yard Freestyle – Addison Applegate (CC) first (1:04.24), Avery Wiseman (NH) fifth (1:11.16), Ava Gerdon (CC) ninth (1:18.53), Maria Garcia (NH) 10th (1:19.52), Addison Alford (CC) 14th (1:22.07), Callie Higdon (NH) 19th (1:33.05); 500-Yard Freestyle – Madison Stilwell (CC) first (5:38.62), E.V. Wright (NH) fourth (6:40.55), Alyssa Johnson (NH) fifth (6:46.53), Haley Drury (CC) 10th (7:46.34), Brook Schultz (NH) 16th (9:07.62); 200-Yard Freestyle Relay – Corydon Central (E. Johnson, Edwards, Alford, Applegate) first (2:03.24), North Harrison (Fink, Wise, Schulz Garcia) seventh (2:20.66), North Harrison (Witham, A. Wright, Higdon, Moorman) 10th (2:42.51), Corydon Central (Smith, Sims, Leisure, Shearer) 12th (2:58.01); 100-Yard Backstroke – Georgia LaHue (CC) third (1:15.77), Alyssa Johnson (NH) fourth (1:17.50), Sydney Edward (CC) sixth (1:21.59), Laurynn Smith (CC) 13th (1:48.78), Vicki Moorman (NH) 15th (1:49.55), Kylie Witham (NH) 18th (2:07.22); 100-Yard Breaststroke – Ella Johnson (CC) first (1:21.07), Kassie Zurschmeide (L) second (1:23.15), Bree Stiles (NH) seventh (1:38.81), Analise Wright (NH) eighth (1:39.04), Addison Alford (CC) 10th (1:39.13), Katie Wise (NH) 14th (1:42.68); 400-Yard Freestyle Medley – Corydon Central (LaHue, Applegate, King, Stilwell) second (4:16.85), North Harrison (E. Wright, Wiseman, A. Johnson, Kays) third (4:40.84), Corydon Central (Gerdon, Edwards, Drury, Alford) sixth (5:19.59), North Harrison (Higdon, A. Wright, Fink, Wise) ninth (5:54.79).