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Oct. 5, 2022

Oct. 5, 2022
Oct. 5, 2022
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15 years ago

Oct. 3, 2007

The Harrison County Community Foundation received good news last week: Harrison County was one of two counties in the state to receive the Kellogg grant, totaling nearly $200,000. The money will be a part of the Indiana Access to Recreation Grant, which will total $517,653. The grant was awarded for exceptional projects on municipally-owned properties with more to offer than standard ADA regulations.

Weather, crowds and fun at the fifth annual Cockadoodle Days, held Friday and Saturday at the Harrison County Fairgrounds, was in stark contrast to last year’s event, which was almost completely washed out when torrential rains caused flooding on almost all of the fairgrounds property.

It certainly had been a while. Behind a stout defense Friday that forced five turnovers and limited Eastern (Pekin) to under 50 yards of total offense, North Harrison picked up its first win since opening night with a 44-0 performance over host Eastern.

Deaths: Richard E. Adams, 76; Mary Catherine Pindell, 87; Pauline Joyce Evans, 93; Betty Louise Goldman Faulkenburg, 69; Sara Elizabeth (Libby) Hovious Haas, 56; Nancy L. Bostock, 53; Roy L. McCoy, 83; Mary B. (Mary Belle) Dabney Stein, 76; June B. Williams Tower, 86; Frances L. Stevens Damon, 83; Mildred M. Sprinkle, 91; Robert S. Beasley, 87; Linda K. Gerdon, 60; Betty R. Lang, 78; Lowell Elsworth Nicholson, 90; Lillie Mae Cockerel, 95; Ada Corrine Trinkle, 102; Alice Scott Bryant, 97.

25 years ago

Oct. 8, 1997

While awarding some $116,500 in grants Monday night, the Harrison County Community Foundation took in more than half the amount it gave away. Two endowments totaling $75,000 were announced at the “celebration” of the first awards made by the Foundation, established a year ago with a $5 million gifts from Caesars Indiana, the company planning a riverboat casino complex at Bridgeport, in southeastern Harrison County. An endowment of $50,000 in Keller Manufacturing Co. stock was made by Eloise Keller Beardsley of Savannah, Ga., in memory of her first husband, the late Robert Funk Keller, and in honor of her daughter, Linda Keller Runden of Corydon, who chairs the Foundation’s grant committee. A second gift of $25,000 was received from the Ethel Mae Wright trust in memory of the late Ethel Mae Wright and her sister and business partner, Edith Wright Surber, formerly of Hursttown.

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners voted 2-1 Monday to take legal action to enforce its recent appointment to the hospital board of trustees. Commissioner Ed Emily’s motion instructing county attorney Gordon D. Ingle to “go ahead with whatever legal action needs to be taken” was seconded by board chair Steve Haggard, following Commissioner Terry L. Miller’s objections. “I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the county,” Miller said. Emily, who nominated nurse Debbie Gibson to replace 32-year hospital board veteran Parvin Baumgart, has repeatedly called for “new blood” on the 47-year-old hospital’s board.

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to apply for a Harrison County Community Foundation grant to purchase a van to transport disabled veterans needing medical attention.

Pauline Ashton, a well-loved, dedicated and positive force in the Republican Party in Harrison County, died Thursday, Oct. 2, following heart surgery at Jewish Hospital in Louisville. She was 71.

Rebounding from an embarrassing 5-0 loss to Silver Creek, which denied them a conference crown, Corydon Central’s tennis team went into the New Albany Sectional last week with a new intensity and came away with the title.

Deaths: Densil L. Flick, 69; Alfred W. Schneider, 81; Hazel J. Gilliatt Enlow, 85; Richard W. Burchett, 28; Yvonne F. Hisey, 62; Louis (Tip) Sprigler, 81; Francis (Pete) Loi, 72; Sally (Mildred) Knear Strauel, 71; Marilyn J. Campbell, 58; Pauline Ashton, 71.

50 years ago

Oct. 4, 1972

Construction began this week on the Keller Manufacturing Co.’s new $3.5 million plant at Corydon Junction. It expects to be in operation by October of 1973. The site includes 80 acres of land purchased from Ansel Caves, Jack Ramsey, Belden Asher, Charles McKim and Mrs. Anna Wallace.

The business and assets of the Indiana Glass Sand Corp. have been acquired and will be operated by the Ohio River Silica Co. The company is located northeast of Elizabeth.

Births: Boys — Judith Lincks, Millicent Abel, Brenda Schneider; girls — Ramona Andriot, Gail Reyling, Melinda Gaither, Patricia Brewer.

Deaths: John M. Whitehead, 48; Lena Pennington, 74; Grace Sample, 84; Herman McMonigle, 65; Arthur Swarens, 69.

65 years ago

Oct. 2, 1957

The Eagles Auxiliary voted to place 150 copies of the Ten Commandments in the Harrison County schools. Permission has been granted by W.J. Wolpert and William Fellmy, school superintendents.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy LaHue have sold their home on North Farquar Avenue to Mr. and Mrs. John L. Keller Jr. The LaHues purchased the home of Dr. and Carl Dillman on East Walnut Street. The Dillmans are building a new home just east of Corydon.

Roscoe Baxley lost his wallet, containing $400, while attending the Persimmon Festival at Mitchell last Thursday. He left it in a telephone booth. When he discovered the loss, he called the Mitchell police who told him it had been fund along with the money.

The home of Carl Wiseman caught fire Monday when a gas leak under the house was ignited when it was investigated by a match light. One wall of the house on Lemmon Street was destroyed.

Births: Boys – Mr. and Mrs. Jay Franklin Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Faith, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Ollis, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Key, Mr. and Mrs. Burl Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Byerley, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bays, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Davidson; girls – Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Melton, Mr. and Mrs, Jerry McAfee, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Craig.

Deaths: Grace Cunningham, 67; Paul E. Quinn, 49; Grace Beaven, 50; Albert Adams, 65; Helen Mazuch, 42; Sykes Wheeler, 72; Celesta Resch, 80; Augusta Barksdale, 57; Iva Mae Vance, 56; Ella Tindall Baker; Martha Lone; Myrtle Edna Evans; Jennie Conyers; Mrs. William Craig.

75 years ago

Oct. 8, 1947

St. Michael’s Catholic Church at Dogwood was sold last Saturday at public auction for $400. Mrs. Lillian Cavin of Boone Township was the purchaser. The tabernacle in the alter was sold to Gilbert Duley.

Dale Simler, Ray Hickman and Weldon LaHue are attending New Albany Business College.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Louis Himmelhaver, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Markel Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Davidson; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sharp, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Rosenbarger.

Deaths: Mayme Cole, 67; Virgil Jaegers, 41; John Mowrer; the Rev. Edward LaHue; Mary Jackson, 55; John O. Sims, 70; Emma Fouts, 50; Tone Briles, 63.

100 years ago

Oct. 4, 1922

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Rowe, Miss Dode Heth and Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Thomas and daughter, Margaret, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Trotter of Valley City.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller and children of New Albany, Mrs. Noble Davis and children of near Ramsey, Mrs. Catherine Miller and son, John, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Benson and two children and Ivan Bacon spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller of Hursttown.

Birth: Boys — none; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boldt.

Deaths: Rush Thornberry; Mrs. Dora A. Daily; Elliott LaDuke, 63; Mattie Leffler, 70; Mrs. Sophie Melton; Jack Smith, 69.