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Plan commission issues 70 permits

Plan commission issues 70 permits Plan commission issues 70 permits

Seventy building permits were issued in October, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, seven were for single-family houses, to Christopher Burks in Boone Township, Richard Pflanz in Franklin Township, Brian and Jill Keinsley and Eleanor Keinsley in Harrison Township, Infinity Homes & Development in Harrison Township, Anthony and Jamie Williams in Jackson Township, Anthony and Kimberly Embry in Morgan Township and Jeremiah Faith in Spencer Township.

Three permits were issued for modular homes, to Michael and Jennifer Kessinger in Franklin Township, Denise and Susanne Long in Morgan Township and Violet Binkley in Washington Township, and one was issued for a mobile home, to James and Elizabeth Tandy in Morgan Township.

Other permits issued were for four additions, five agriculture buildings, two alterations, one carport, one commercial building, one deck, 27 electricals, seven garages, one pool and 10 storage buildings as follows:

Additions — Tim Shewmaker, Town of Corydon; Phillip Neely, Franklin Township; Suzanne Nichols, Harrison Township; Randall S. and Connie Mudd, Morgan Township.

Agriculture — Phillip Neely, Franklin Township; Robert Streepey, Harrison Township; Mark Vance, Harrison Township; Jamie and Velvet Walters, Harrison Township; Jeremy Leffler, Spencer Township.

Alterations — Joseph Jr. and Alison Hanover, Jackson Township; Robert Kolb, Morgan; Township.

Carport — Milton Akins, Blue River Township.

Commercial — Caesars Riverboat Casino, Posey Township.

Deck — Russell and Tammy Taylor, Heth Township.

Electricals — Gary Ruoff, Blue River Township; Judy Charles, Blue River Township; Glen Crawford, Blue River Township; Greg Jones, Boone Township; Chad Delong, Boone Township; Penny Rezac and Mike Schwartz, Town of Corydon; Corydon Estates LLC, Town of Corydon; Steffen and Mary Johnstone, Franklin Township; Richard Haines, Franklin Township; Franklin Adamic, Franklin Township; Anthony and Jill Combs, Franklin Township; Jon Withers, Harrison Township; Dennis Backherms, Harrison Township; Harry and Rebecca Hottell, Harrison Township; Craig Flynn, Harrison Township; Sarah Kendall, Harrison Township; James Randle, Harrison Township; Jeffrey and Tammy Taylor, Heth Township; Bud Burson, Jackson Township; David Nannen, Jackson Township; Thomas Drees, Jackson Township; Larry Elder, Jackson Township; David Jones, Morgan Township; George McCoy, Spencer Township; Terri and Jeff Kingsley, Taylor Township; Katherine Lawson, Webster Township; Ryan and Shelby Harris, Webster Township.

Garage — David Kaufer, Blue River Township; James and Ruth Rickert, Franklin Township; John Ragland and Mistie Routh, Jackson Township; Zena Whittinghill, Jackson Township; Terry Gutknecht, Morgan Township; Dustin Campbell, Posey Township; Kaitlyn Gettelfinger, Spencer Township.

Pool — Zachary and Kelly Schneider, Franklin Township.

Storage — James Archie England, Franklin Township; James and Virginia Taylor, Harrison Township; Kimberly Dawson, Harrison Township; Steven and Mary Trusty, Harrison Township; Paul and Elizabeth Grube, Jackson Township; Timothy Lawyer, Jackson Township; William and Amanda Felten, Jackson Township; Southern Indiana Homes LLC, Posey Township; Ed and Kermileta Gabaree, Spencer Township; Tommy Deweese, Spencer Township.