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Nov. 23, 2022

Nov. 23, 2022 Nov. 23, 2022

•Just wondering why these smokers think they should use anywhere outdoors to drop their cigarette trash. Just asking.

•I want to thank Sandy Gettelfinger for her research into the way Indiana legislature has for the past 22 years their record of care of women and children. To reiterate, Indiana is (now) a third-worse state in the maternal death rates and one of the highest in the U.S. for the death of babies before their first birthday. This isn’t a country that ranks 25th among Western nations in the world for maternal infant survival rates. When Gov. (Eric) Holcomb tried to get the legislators to allocate money for doulas, the legislature shot it down. Doulas provide guidance and support to pregnant women. This doesn’t sound like pro-life to me.

•School board elections are intentionally non-partisan. It is irresponsible for our local Republican party to keep pushing the idea that a school board candidate’s political affiliation should determine how they’ll make decisions that affect my children. Assuming that every position a school board member may theoretically take fits neatly into an ideological camp doesn’t reflect the work school board members actually do. Making our school board elections partisan invites state and federal battles into a local governing context at the expense of a truly local issue.

•I am so disappointed in the Harrison County Republican party. It’s bad enough how divided this county is already, and for them to send out flyers trying to divide the county even more by making school board races partisan is sad, sad. …

•I’m calling to put in a concern about the American flag at … It’s faded and torn and not even being flown at full (staff). It’s just a disgrace to our veterans and our flag … I’d just like to see ’em put a new flag out there.

•I just read the statements made by the school board candidates and to say that kids don’t go to school to learn to think might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

•It would probably be a good idea to put up some kind of one-way sign coming out of the parking lot at the (Corydon Senior Lofts) where the old Gerdon Youth Center was. There’s been three or four cars that have almost hit me …

•I’m a concerned citizen … Why is there no (court news) in the paper no more? We’re wondering if it’s because 80% of them are Republicans and you don’t want their names in the paper? It don’t matter to us. We want to know who is the criminals in the county …
Editor’s note: The court news was temporarily suspended from the newspaper while we featured candidates in the General Election and returned with last wek’s issue. Also, remember that those listed in the court news are innocent until proven guilty.

•Well, not it’s time to get our animals prepared for winter. It is your duty to call the Harrison County Animal Control if you see an animal that has been left out in the cold with no shelter, no food, no water. You have to call them. You can’t let these animals suffer. With winter coming, please call the animal control.

•I drove through Cedar Hill Cemetery this weekend. … it looked like someone’s spray painted with black paint. So many think it’s black mold. Why is this happening? Also, some stones in St. Joseph Cemetery are black with mold. Why is this happening?

•I’m calling about an occurrence that’s happened in the past week. There’s a large pack of coyotes running, and they’ve killed two of my cats and they killed a rabbit also, one of my pet rabbits, and I see ’em out there just about dusk and they’re trying to get my dogs, too. It’s out on Shiloh Road SE. Anyway, people need to be aware, and I’d like to find out who I can call o check about this because I’m elderly and everything and I imagine they probably wouldn’t hesitate to attack a human, too.