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Northeast Posey

Northeast Posey Northeast Posey

The South Central Class of 1961 met at Cracker Barrel on Oct. 18. Those enjoying fellowship were Bernice Schickel, Carolyn Schickel, Shirley and Nick Fessell, Lois Stiller, Judy Eaton, Kenny and Martha Dones, Carolyn Colliger, Donna Heinze, Dallas and Norma Waynescott, Jim Wolfe and Anita K. Bube. The next gathering was scheduled for Nov. 8 at Hillview. Jim White is flying in from Texas. Stay well and take care of one another.

My hubby George as COVID and pneumonia.

Be careful out there in very windy days. I have heard that wind can blow stuff in from 100 miles away. Wear a mask when mulching leaves — they are very dry and dusty — or when raking them.

I have also gotten COVID. Prayers of strength and endurance please.

The abundance of a good harvest begins with the deep running blade of the plow through the barren earth. Similarly, spiritual growth begins when the Lord prepares the Lord soil of the human heart.

Praise God for the fruit you see in other believers and for the work he is doing in your own life. Even through the growth process may be painful, the harvest brings a time of rejoicing.