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Nov. 16, 2022

Nov. 16, 2022 Nov. 16, 2022

•I’m calling to add to the comment about the grass clippings being mowed onto the road. It’s not only dangerous, but it’s illegal.

• … When I go shopping at your store or any other store and it says one thing on the shelf and you go and charge an extra 10% on an item because that’s what you decided to jack it up to, what you’re doing is scamming the public because what you want to do is go and charge more that what you say you are charging. A lot old people don’t check it. But you know what, a lot of us have to live on a budget. If you would have said what it was on the shelf, I would have had no problem …

•I would like to thank each and everyone in the Repair Affair project, especially the volunteers. You just don’t know what it means to people who can’t get work done on their homes. The time that you spent and the hours that you are out there in the heat, it’s just amazing. …

•This was my first time to Glasstoberfest. I was really impressed. Could do without the skate boarders riding through the crowd though.

•I was disappointed ’cause there wasn’t any Live Wire last week in The Corydon Democrat paper. And, I heard other say the same thing.
Editor’s note: There were several other callers asking about the omission of Live Wire in the newspaper. Live Wire was temporarily suspended while we focused on getting our candidate profiles in the newspaper prior to the Nov. 8 General Election.

•I tell you one thing, these people that voted for that old Joe Biden ought to be standing in line at the grocery store when families can’t even afford to buy food. Our families can’t afford to put gas in their car or pay rent or feed their animals they own also. That’s why the animal shelters are packed, and now they’re going to have to put the animals to sleep. That man ought to go.

•I just want to say kudos to whoever decorated downtown Corydon for the fall harvest. It looks wonderful.

• … I hope you don’t do away with the Live Wire because it’s an opportunity for the community people to have their voices heard.

•I just listened to Joe Biden’s speech the other day where he was at a political rally and he was talking about abortion and how he was going to codify Roe v Wade, and it just made me sick to hear everybody that cheered for the murdering of unborn children. What has our society become to where murdering children is something to cheer about?

• … My brother found a syringe in the parking lot … Just beware.