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Voters should do due diligence to research candidates prior to voting

As a citizen of the state of Indiana, I take seriously my responsibility and duty to carefully consider my options when choosing whom I’d like to see elected.

It has been brought to my attention that many citizens do not contribute their full measure of deligence regarding researching candidates and questioning the agenda of those seeking to be elected. As a result, cronyism of corrupted officials is forced upon citizens and spreads like cancer.

I truly am astounded at the ignorance of the average citizen and the damage that results due to it.
Through my own research and thoroughly questioning the candidates — at least those who were willing to be subjected to my questions — I found that the two-party system of Republician and Democrats is really equivalent to not enforcing term limits. By repeating the same mistake and expecting different results, we are ergo defining insanity.

I would like to encourage voters to have a look at the Libertarian Party as possible leaders in the upcoming election.

Terrie Long | English, Ind.