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Politicians need to stop blame game and provide solutions to nation’s problems

I am so tired of politicians complaining about inflation. Shame on them! This is a very important issue to the citizens and should not be taken lightly. The politicians know the cause of inflation is supply and demand. We could also add there is, of course, the measure of greed that many companies/ corporations have during an “opportunity of a pandemic” or, let’s face it, any opportunity that may come their way.

If the politician does not define that cause and just wants to complain and blame, then perhaps we should not consider him/her sincere or concerned. If they can’t discuss or reveal their plans to solve it, it could be they have no plans.

Gas prices are a big factor in most everyone’s’ budget, and here the politicians will blame regulation and never tell you that, when oil executives were asked, the oil executives blamed Wall Street. Nearly 60% cited “investor pressure to maintain capital disciple” as the primary reason; many refineries either shutting down or switching to production of alternative fuel sources.

Why are U.S. companies not increasing production? American energy companies and Wall Street investors are not sure prices will stay high long enough for them to make a profit from a lot of new wells, but the politicians that are divisive will not tell you that; they’d rather give you a boogie man to blame. Let’s not forget cuts of oil from foreign countries and the limit of oil supplies due to the war in Ukraine.

Many ill-willed politicians will not remind us that during the pandemic — and still today to a lesser degree — there were not workers to work, to produce products, thus we had less supplies. There was a shipping supply issue; not enough workers to work the docks and unload cargo or transport goods. We should not ever forget that we lost over one million people/workers to the pandemic and are still losing from 397 to 746 per day now, plus added deaths from cancer, heart, car wrecks, suicides, etc. We all see the “Help Wanted” signs.

When our politicians turn to the “blame game” and not address us as mature people who can and want to understand the real “life game” we are dealing with, then I say, politicians, you don’t deserve our votes. Save our taxpayers’ money and quit sending us expensive flyers with your pictures on it that says nothing but what was said on the last ones you already sent and still there is no action plan of yours. It’s not good enough to say that you have solutions if you don’t have the willingness and courage to apply those solutions to help us.

This straight-party ticket voting isn’t making our country great; it’s diluting our democracy.
I personally will be reviewing each and every politician and will cote for the ones, whichever the party, that displays character, sincerity, concern for the real issues and the courage that a servant of the people must have.

Sandy Gettelfinger | Corydon, Ind.