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COVID, Ukraine war, Trumpers have caused more harm than President Biden

I’m a Democrat and a retired Union construction worker. Quit reading now if you’re a MAGA election denier.

One of our Republican politicians brought up Ronald Reagan. Unless you were wealthy and had your tax rate cut from 70% to 28% or had money in the bank drawing 20% interest, you were hurting in the ’80s. Anybody else remember eating Ronnie’s cheese and powered milk?

He goes on to name the worst problems facing Southern Indiana:

1) Second Amendment support.

2) Law enforcement support. You want more guns? Law enforcement in Indiana was opposed to no permit handgun carry. Ex-military law enforcement officers were injured and killed protecting our capitol and politicians on Jan. 7, 2021. Do you support these officers?

3) Oppose leftist indoctrination and critical race theory taught in schools. These are not taught in Indiana high schools.

4) Protect girls’ sports from unfair competition by biological males. Wow. I read more news about female athletes being abused by biological male coaches and doctors.

5) Pro life. Are there plans to expand prenatal care? Will Medicaid be expanded? Are plans in place for child care and medical care for working mothers? These protected babies do eventually come out of the womb and will need care.

6) Biden’s disastrous polices. COVID, the war in Ukraine and Trumpers have caused more harm than President Biden.

I get it. Republicans will win re-election easily. This is Indiana. I’m surrounded by Trump and Brandon signs.

A.D. Shaffer | Elizabeth, Ind.