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Incumbent faces challenge

Incumbent faces challenge Incumbent faces challenge

Republican Holli Castetter seeks to retain her District 3 seat on the Harrison County Council but is being challenged by Democrat Adam Schneider. Below are their responses to a questionnaire from this newspaper.

Name: Holli Baker CastetterIncumbent faces challenge

Family: Husband Bill Castetter (married 42 years); daughter Rachael Castetter Thompson (Nathan); sons Nicholas Castetter (Olivia) and Douglas Castetter (Hailey); parents Bill and Shelia Baker (Lanesville)

Education/Occupation/Political experience: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Butler University (1982). I continued my education at Indiana University School of Business studying accounting. I have served on the Harrison County Council for the past eight years, having served as both chair and vice chair. I served for four years as secretary for the Harrison County Republican Party and as its treasurer for the past 6-1/2 years. I have served on several county boards, including the Economic Development board, Planning and Zoning, Alternative Education, River Hills Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce, the Emergency Food and Shelter Board through St. Elizabeth Charities in New Albany and the Town of Corydon’s Stellar Committee. I serve on the READI committee (a five-county Indiana First initiative). I have also served on the council’s Classification and Compensation committee and the Fiscal Planning Committee.

Contact information for voters: Phone 812-972-2445; email [email protected]

Why are you seeking the office (100 words or less)? It has been an honor and privilege to serve on the Harrison County Council. I love the challenges and satisfaction of public service, and I am dedicated to building on our past accomplishments, protecting the community fund for future needs and making investments to benefit our entire community. Harrison County is home to many hard-working citizens dedicated to their families, faith and community. I understand the profound impact the council’s decisions can have on the lives of our citizens, and I am committed to continue helping them by using our revenues conservatively to serve as many people as possible.

What will be your No. 1 priority in 2023 as a councilman (150 words or less)? My No. 1 priority will be to keep Harrison County moving in the right direction. I believe we should carefully consider all requests, especially those that protect our citizens and that bolster economic development. Strengthening our economy creates higher paying jobs and provides incentives for families to stay in Harrison County while attracting others to relocate here. It is important to provide resource officers in every school in the county, equip our police with the newest communications equipment to keep drugs and criminals out of our community, provide emergency services with life-saving equipment and provide tax abatements and infrastructure improvements to help create new jobs. I am proud to have voted yes to pay increases for our police officers, purchasing the best radio system for our police and emergency responders, many road improvement projects, an ADA compliant playground at Hayswood park and new playground equipment at Gresham Park in Lanesville.


Name: Adam Schneider. I am 47.Incumbent faces challenge

Family: My folks are Herb and Amy. My siblings are Ben, Sarah and Susanna. My daughter Lucy is 10 years old. Her future in Harrison County is my main reason for running.

Education/Occupation/Political experience: I am a graduate of Providence High School, studied at IUS and UofL before making my passion and love for plants into a career as a horticulturist. I began my political experience with the value of service to others from the Catholic church and from examples of family member’s real-life public service. My first political job was as a legislative assistant to former Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh at the Louisville Metro Council.

Contact information for voters: [email protected]

Why are you seeking the office (100 words or less)? I believe voters deserve more than one choice. I believe in public service, giving back to the community and making it a better place for everyone. I’m running to represent District 3 residents, to be their voice. I’ve attended many meetings where residents respond negatively to something their representatives have agreed to without their input. As a small business owner, I understand the necessity of being fiscally responsible. I believe tax money should benefit the community responsibly. While others have rigid ideological stances on public funds, I believe in fiscal responsibility balanced with benefiting the community where they originated.

What will be your No. 1 priority in 2023 as a councilman (150 words or less)? My goal as councilman is to represent District 3 constituents. The No. 1 response from folks while campaigning was they didn’t know there was a county council or what it does. While voting to approve funds for commissioner projects, approving budgets and appointments to boards are main jobs, I believe a major piece missing for District 3 is accountability and representation. At the one public meeting for neighbors to hear plans for the new Amazon facility, residents were told of a confidentiality agreement between the county and builders, and they couldn’t answer most questions due to this agreement. Neighbors were told this had been in the works for years, essentially saying shame on you for not attending prior meetings. This project and many others were approved without any community input for something that will affect residents’ everyday lives. I believe government representation works best with accountability and input from residents.