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Corydon Central girls advance to semi-state

Floyd teams sweep X-C regional
Corydon Central girls advance to semi-state
Corydon Central girls advance to semi-state
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By Wade Bell, Sports Writer

The Floyd Central cross-country teams turned up the heat Saturday at the Crawford County cross-country regional with the Lady Highlanders dominating their division with a 29-point win over runner-up Corydon Central and the Highlanders edging out Jasper by four points to win the boys’ division on a cool Saturday morning.

“Everybody ran great today and did their jobs,” said Floyd Central girls’ coach Jeff Liddle. “We ran where we expected to.”

Corydon Central girls advance to semi-state
Corydon Central’s Addison Applegate passes through the half-way mark of the girls’ regional race Saturday and went on to post a seventh-place finish. Photo by Wade Bell

The Lady Highlanders and a host of others got out fast to start the girls’ race. Kaitlyn Stewart and Savanna Liddle went to the front along with Jasper’s Ally Wigand, Northeast Dubois’ Sara Livingston and Forest Park’s Karlie Kitten. Corydon Central’s Addison Applegate was in the hunt as well. At the halfway point, Stewart was in complete control with Liddle second and Wigand in the third spot. Stewart went on to win in a time of 18 minutes, 47.1 seconds with Liddle in second place and Wigand third.

Livingston finished fourth for the Northeast Dubois Lady Jeeps, and Kitten finished fifth for the Lady Rangers of Forest Park. Applegate finished back in the seventh position in 19:52.9 with teammate Peri Leghart in ninth. Floyd Central’s Hallie Mosier finished 12th, Emerson Elliott was 13th and Ginger Atzinger placed 14th.

“We knew this round was going to be more competitive, so we had bigger goals for our finishing and our times,” said Stewart. “We were just more ambitious this week and ready to race. Based on our finishing, our coach might tell us to ease it or, if it’s close, (he) might say it’s go time.”

“Me and Kaitlyn, our goal and plan was to stick together that first mile with the Jasper girl,” said Liddle. “We were all there together pushing each other then, coming up the first hill on the first lap of the course, we felt good so we took off. Kaitlyn took the lead, so I kind of followed her. I went with her, and she was just pacing that lap, that last mile and a half.”

Applegate said the team plan for the Lady Panthers was to stay as close to the Lady Highlanders as possible.

“The plan was for me, Erica (Valdivieso) and Lili (Pavey) to stay with the top Floyd (Central) girls, but I didn’t stick with the plan,” she said. “It backfired today. The overall strategy was to push each other, for the back people to push the people in front, to hopefully get to the front of the pack.”

Stewart said the plan for the Brown County semi-state is for the whole team to run personal bests, along with a little extra incentive.

“Brown County, I think it’s way more fun,” she said. “You’re in a much better mindset. We have PR squishmallows. If you get a PR, you get a squishmallow so we all want squishmallows next week.”

“We’ll do some speed work this week to get ready for it,” Jeff Liddle said. “We want everybody to try to get PRs next week if we can. We feel like we’re a No. 2 up there and a No. 5 team at state, so we’ll see what we can do.”

Corydon Central girls advance to semi-state
North Harrison’s Oxiel Castro Badillo secures a semi-state spot with a 15th-place finish at Saturday’s Crawford County cross-country regional. Corydon Central’s Booker LaHue was just a second ahead in the 14th spot. Photo by Wade Bell

In the boys’ race, New Albany’s Lord brothers, Aidan and Aaron once again dominated from beginning to end. Jasper’s Jaryn Weinel tried to break the pair up early on but found that too tough of a task. Aidan Lord went on to win in a time of 15:55.9 with Aaron Lord second and Weinel in third. Floyd Central’s Luca Cirincione filled in the fourth spot with teammate Noah Nifong fifth.

“We knew because of the competition in this race it was going to go out much faster than they did last week,” said Floyd Central’s Cirincione. “Most of us went in, in our minds, that we still had to go out hard but we also had to control ourselves. If we got sucked out, it could affect our race. So, we were holding back just a tad at the beginning.”

The Corydon Central Panthers finished in the dreaded sixth spot in the team standings, just out of a semi-state spot, but Booker LaHue made the cut, finishing in the 14th spot.

“I was confident going into the race,” LaHue said. “I knew there was going to be a much bigger spread of competition of runners. I was hoping to go out pretty fast and holding that spot in the top-10, but the Lord brothers took it out pretty fast. My first mile was a 5:04 split, which is pretty fast. I kind of paid for it in the second mile and the third K. It was a tough race.”

North Harrison senior Oxiel Castro Badillo was one position behind LaHue, in 15th, to also make the semi-state cut for Brown County.

“I felt amazing,” Badillo said. “I didn’t feel tight at all. I was pretty much going to start slow in the first mile and then start picking people off as I was running throughout the course. It paid off.”

Girls’ Scores (Top 5 To Semi-State) – Floyd Central 39, Corydon Central 68, Jasper 78, Forest Park 131, Tell City 141, Northeast Dubois 145, Christian Academy 172, Borden 175, New Albany 191.
Girls’ Results – 1. Kaitlyn Stewart (FC) 18:47.1, 2. Savanna Liddle (FC) 19:03.8, 3. Ally Wigand (Jspr) 19:27.6, 4. Sara Livingston (NED) 19:35.9, 5. Karli Kitten (FP) 19:43.9, 6. Maddie Graber (SR) 19:52.9, 7. Addison Applegate (Cory) 19:52.9, 8. Andyn Lampert (Jspr) 19:59.9, 9. Peri Leghart (Cory) 20:02.4, 10. Riley Hinson (FP) 20:06.5, 11. Paige Wildman (NED) 20:06.7, 12. Hallie Mosier (FC) 20:14.0, 13. Emerson Elliott (FC) 20:20.8, 14. Ginger Atzinger (FC) 20:21.4, 15. Summer Guillaume (NED) 20:27.6, 16. Monica Lorey (Jspr) 20:32.1, 17. Lilli Pavey (Cory) 20:35.6, 18 Emma DeWeese (SS) 20:44.1, 19. Bella Cummis (NED) 20:47.0, 20. Hailey Hack (CAI) 20:47.2.
Individuals Advancing From Non-Qualifying Teams – 4. Sara Livingston (NED), 6. Maddie Graber (SR), 11. Paige Wildman (NED), 15. Summer Guillaume (PC), 18. Emma DeWeese (SS), 19 Bella Cummins (NED), 20. Hailey Hack (CAI), 22. Maci Hoskins (Prov), 25. Lauren Clark (NA) 27. Lila Endres (NA).
Boy’s Scores (Top 5 to Semi-State) – Floyd Central 55, Jasper 59, New Albany 70, Tell City 97, Springs Valley 145, Corydon Central 158, Perry Central 169, Forest Park 170, North Harrison 214.
Boys’ Results – 1. Aidan Lord (NA) 15:34.7, 2. Aaron Lord (NA) 15:55.9, 3. Jaryn Weinel (Jspr) 16:08.0, 4. Luca Cirincione (FC) 16:13.5, 5. Noah Nilfong (FC) 16:15.4. 6. Reece Wolf (FP) 16:23.8, 7. Ben Kelley (Prov) 16:25.1, 8. Benjamin Jacobs (NA) 16:25.5, 9. Harrison Hulsman (Jspr) 16:27.5, 10. Nathan Wheatley (FC) 16:32.0, 11. Alexander Pinckney (CAI) 16:33.8, 12. Aiden Marion (TC) 16:35.8, 13. Wylee Kippenbrock (Jspr) 16:54.5, 14. Booker LaHue (Cory) 17:03.5, 15. Oxiel Castro Badillo (NH) 17:06.9, 16. Lachian Russell (TC) 17:12.5, 17. Grant Brown (SV) 17:13.1, 18. Thomas Hogan (PC) 17:13.6, 19. Reid Comeman (FC) 17:28.9, 20. Jacob Welp (Jspr) 17:19.4.
Individuals Advancing From Non-Qualifying Teams – 7. Ben Kelly (Prov), 11. Alexander Pinckney (CAI), 14. Booker Lahue (Cory), 15 Oxiel Castro Badillo (NH), 18. Hogan Thomas (PC), 21. Pierce Lashley (HH), 25. Seth Guillaume (PC), 28. Brian Weatherford (Bor), 30. Aiden Nord (FP), 31. Chase Wildman (NED).