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Past reunions


The Yeager family reunion was Sept. 4 at the farm of Kent and Joy Yeager near Mauckport. This was the 75th reunion of the descendants of Roy and Frona Love Yeager and their children: Kathleen Turner, Mildred Crosier, Fern Radmacher, Louise Boone, Virginia McMonigle, Mary Timberlake and James Clinton Yeager.
This year’s reunion was on the same day as Bill and Barbara Radmacher’s 57th wedding anniversary and Stephanie Boone’s eighth birthday.

Those attending were Marilyn, Fielding and Henry Turner, Peter Camenisch, Jill, Pat and John Wilson, Scott, Jennifer and Olivia Ferriell, Toxey Smith, Andy, Karen and Kyle Eschbacher, John, Abby, Emmett and Everett Eschbacher, Iris Yeager, Richard and Ann Crosier, Barbara Crosier, Bill and Barbara Radmacher, Michael and Kimberly Radmacher, Troy, Leah and Logan Bensing, Parker Andres, Barb and Katie Crecelius, Casey, Chrissy, Lexi and Livi Tuchscherer, Melvin and Sharon Shewmaker, Tim and Rita Shewmaker, Josh, Bethany, Lincoln and Bentley Brown, Brittany and Travis Gillman, Ryker, Bob and Carol Boone, Erin, Stephanie, Madison and Kiersten Boone, Klayton Grizzel, Dan and Cortnai Boone, Matt, Sarah, Georgia and Evan Browning, Matt, Ann, Addy and Lilly Briggs, James, Brittany and Riley Yeager, Ron and Phyllis Sieg, Chris and Ben Timberlake, Richard and Carolyn Sue Hoyt, Nick and Tiffany Smith, Rosemary Russell, Brad and Carrie Russell, Arya, Tim, Sarah and Ella Ground, Terry and Carrie Sue Timberlake, Rachel, Gracie, Jack, Max and Luke Wate and Kent and Joy Yeager.


The 55th Snyder reunion was Sept. 24 at the Smith Camp Ground fellowship hall at Dogwood. Randy Flick offered prayer before the meal. Gifts were given to Dean Graves, the youngest, Denise Lillpop, the door prize, and Paul and Sue Wenning, the most miles.

Those attending were Anna Beanblossom (the oldest), Steve Beanblossom, Rick and Jeannie Pflanz, Carl Byerly, Sandy Leffler, Paul and Sue Wenning, Candi, Fiona and Dean Graves, Randy Flick, Stanley Byerly, Billy and Denise Lillpop, Ronnie and Charlene Longacre, Donald Ullrick, Shelia Jackson and Jeff and Sherry Shaffer.

Next year’s reunion will be Sept. 30.