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Oct. 5, 2022

Oct. 5, 2022 Oct. 5, 2022

•I’m sick and tired of people dropping off their unwanted dogs and cats.

•The mural on the side of Zimmerman’s is fantastic. I can’t wait to see when it’s finished.

•Seen the saddest thing on TV the other night. People said they can’t feed their animals any more because of the inflation and high prices. And now, the humane societies are packed full of the most beautiful dogs and cats. Harrison County also has some of the most beautiful dogs there (at the animal control facility). Please, if you’re considering getting a pet, visit your humane society. Please, we got to find homes for these animals.

•I would like to compliment the Lanesville High School girls’ varsity basketball cheerleaders for an outstanding car show event recently held at Lanesville High School. Coach Erin Singleton did an outstanding job with her crew in putting on the first annual event. It was a huge success, and we look forward to many more in the future.

•Due to the fact that the Harrison County fair board is soliciting funds from the 4-H Harrison County budget to blacktop the cattle barns, I will not be attending the 2023 fair.

•Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved with the performance of the play “Mystery on 13th Street” by the students of the St. John’s (Lutheran) School. Good job.

•135 South needs to be milled up and repaved; it’s a disaster. Sad when you can go north where they chip and sealed; it’s a smoother ride than where they paved. This is our tax dollars at work.

•Somebody needs to do something about all the big trucks that park on Grace Street; it’s a dead-end street, and people use the street as their driveway … These trucks are so big we can barely get down (the street), and they block people’s driveways and it’s getting ridiculous. There should be no parking on the street like any other road.

•I would just like to say I appreciate so much whoever was in charge in decorating downtown Corydon for the harvest season. I just love the straw bales and fodder shucks around the lamp posts. I think it’s wonderful the people, someone cares enough to decorate the First State Capitol and keep it looking so beautiful.

•Why do stores allow employees to stand at the front door and smoke? … Employees are standing right at the front door … and smoking. Some of us are allergic to cigarette smoke; we can’t take it. I’d highly appreciate it if employers insisted their employees go away from the doors to smoke.