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Northeast Posey

Northeast Posey Northeast Posey

The South Central Class of 1961 luncheon group met Aug. 30 at Culver’s. Those who gathered for a time of fellowship were Judy Eaton, Lois Stiller, Donna Heinze, Charles and Kathy Bube of North Carolina, Bernice Schickel, Carol Lamb, Dallas and Norma Waynescott, Jim Wolfe, Kenneth and Martha Dones, Anita K. Bube, Nick and Shirley Fessell and Ronnie Schoen.

Our Sept. 20 luncheon at Cracker Barrel was attended by Bernice Schickel, Kenneth and Martha Dones, Carol Lamb, Jim and Karen Brewer and granddaughter, Dallas and Norma Waynescott, Lois Stiller, Judy Eaton, Mick and Shirley Fessell and Anita K. Bube.

Our next luncheon is planned for Oct. 18 at noon at Cracker Barrel.

The signs of autumn are here. I see splashes of color appearing in the trees. The growth of weeds is still here. I am behind clearing out my flower beds, but our veggie gardens are about done for the year. Remaining in our garden are cabbage, cauliflower, peppers and a vine or two of small tomatoes. I would love to see my orange dahlia bloom before long; it has buds. My reblooming white iris bloomed. Its fragrance is as sweet as heaven. I have canned more than 200 jars of vegetables and some jams. With the opening of each jar, I will be reminded of how God blesses us. The weather was weird at times, but God’s power blessed us.

We lean on our Lord Jesus Christ for all our needs. He does supply. We pray a lot for everything. One of God’s many promises is He will never leave us nor forsake us. God knows everything going on in our lives.

I can’t believe it’s October. Have a beautiful autumn season. Enjoy the season’s festivities. Be blessed.