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Past reunion


The 63rd Wolfe-Martin family reunion was Sept. 4 at Buffalo Trace Park in the main shelter house. Eighty-two family members and friends shared in a bountiful pitch-in dinner, games and fellowship. Doug Rothrock led attendees with the Lord’s Prayer before eating.

Door prizes were won by Kyle Doughtery, Mick Cooke, Beau Hentrup, Klayton Dougherty, Sylvia Schroeder, Lily Schulz and Alissa Bledsoe. Certificates were given to Erin Myers for having the most children in attendance, Margie Sheahan for having traveled the farthest to attend, Marlene Wolfe Isaac recognized as the eldest in attendance, Barbara Bledsoe for having the most grandchildren in attendance and Jude King for being the youngest in attendance.

Sharon Wolfe oversaw all the little ones as they each won a goodie bag after catching a fish from the fishpond. First-place winner of the scavenger hunt went to Annabelle Myers, second place to Avery Myers and third place to Serenity Denson.

Family members guessed the number of ounces removed from containers of goodies. Serenity Denson won the jug of pork rinds, Ivy Cooke Jacobi won the potato sticks, Bryan Francis won the jar of popcorn, Ashton Anderson won the Twizzlers and Kathy Wolfe Cooke won the jar of Animal Crackers. Emma Myers won the clothesline art for the over 13 age group, and Serenity Denson won the 7 to 12 year group.

This year was the reunion’s inaugural cornhole tournament. Trophies were awarded to first- and second-place singles and first- and second-place doubles. The first-place doubles trophies were awarded to Mike Wolfe and Tim Holcomb of the Edgar (Jiggs) Wolfe family won doubles with Preston Bledsoe and Landon Anderson of the George Wolfe family second. The first-place singles trophy went to Stephen Armstrong and second was Rick Flock.

Those attending were Mike Wolfe, Jeff Dougherty, Kyle Dougherty, Annabelle Myers, Avery Myers, Serenity Denson, Greg and Erin Francis Myers, Margie Rice Sheahan, Doug and Rosetta Rothrock, Dennis Flock, Beau Hentrup, Bryar Hentrup, Ron and Evelyn Wolfe, Mick and Kathy Wolfe Cooke, Holly Day, Heidi Fehlinger, Cody Fehlinger, Rose Schulz, Sharon Wolfe, Eric and Tammie Wolfe Feiock, Tonja Holcomb, Tim Holcomb, Rick and Pam Flock, Kevin and Rachel Flock, Klayton Dougherty, Bryan and Sheryl Francis, Emma Myers, Charlie Isaac, Georgie Elgin, Dave and Vicki Dougherty Warren, Jamie Flock, Joe and Ivy Cooke Jacobi, Marlene Wolfe Isaac, Jim and Barb Isaac Bledsoe, Brenda Wolfe, Joyce Kittrell, Charles D. Isaac, Chris and Joy Bledsoe Schroeder, Audrey Schroeder, Sylvia Schroeder, Scott and Carolyn Rothrock, Stephen and Karen Rothrock Armstrong, Brooklyn Armstrong, Mason Armstrong, Nolan Armstrong, Heather Bledsoe Anderson, Ashton Anderson, Landon Anderson, Corey Warren, Lily Schulz, Christy Patterson, Tom Russell Sheahan, Jameson and Alissa Bledsoe, Isabella Bledsoe, Preston Bledsoe, Derre’ka Jones, Tom Michael Sheahan, Mikayla Cumings, Chandra Isaac, Neil and Amber Rothrock King, Jude King, Paul Wolfe Sr., Ty and Hannah Rothrock, Mila Rothrock and Ivy Rothrock.