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Homeowner seeks credit for irrigation usage

Homeowner seeks credit for irrigation usage Homeowner seeks credit for irrigation usage
By Marie Mills, Contributing Writer

At Friday’s regular meeting of the Harrison County Regional Sewer District board, there was discussion regarding irrigation credits, specifically at 1542 Poplar Trace, Corydon.

Matt Gilhousen approached the sewer board asking what would need to be done to try and obtain an irrigation credit for his mother, who lives in the subdivision.

The board had asked Gilhousen to provide documents showing the varying usage, which he did.

The next step, the board decided, was for Gilhousen to approach the Corydon Town Council and request a credit.

Gilhousen can show the town council his mother’s base water usage and the usage after irrigation, board members said.

Because there is no ordinance in place for this type of credit, it will be up to the town council if they would like to make an exception.

The sewer board cannot give a credit if the Town of Corydon does not.
Emergency repairs had to be made in New Salisbury in front of the Dollar Tree. Two holes on top of the sewer line were noticed and brought to the attention of the sewer contractor, Dan Cristiani, who found a sag in the 8-inch line.

The board reported that, other than that, there were no cracks or defaults found in the lines, the trenches and stones were clean and Cristiani repaired these immediately.

Water was found to be bubbling up above a main at 1498 Old State Road 64. After some investigation, it was discovered that a gas line had been placed on top of the sewer line and punctured the sewer line.

Indiana Utilities had called 811, but no order had been received by the sewer district, it was reported at the meeting.

Without being able to accurately pinpoint the fault, the sewer board agreed it would have to pay for the repairs, which Cristiani made immediately.

The application for the wastewater treatment plant expansion project will have to be resubmitted as the deadline to begin the project had passed.

After speaking to the Regional Development Authority, it was discovered that the monies offered were to be in the form of a loan, not subsidized monies, as previously thought. The sewer board agreed that a loan was not a feasible option.

The Harrison County Regional Sewer District did not meet the qualifications for a subsidy; however, it was noted, if the district can come up with enough matching funds, it is possible it would qualify for a matching grant.

The district is in the cue and, while there is not an award letter yet in hand, there was a commitment from the RDA that if the sewer district submits the items requested, the project will happen.

It was reported that the Lanesville interchange meter is not reading properly and needs to be fixed.

The meter not only needs to be replaced, maybe with a different meter, but probably with another pipe. Right now it’s reading in the negative.

The sewer district owns the meter and is responsible for the replacement.
Adjustments for the rate increase for the Town of Corydon’s billing was completed, it was reported.

Lanesville Town Council will add a 4-inch meter to their ordinance to be able to properly bill Amazon, which has a new warehouse at the Lanesville interchange of Interstate 64.

As soon as the town council passes the addition, the sewer board can bill for the 4-inch meter.

At this time, Lanesville is not billing the Harrison County Regional Sewer District for Amazon. The ordinance should be in place before the sewer board’s next meeting, which is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 21, at 8:30 a.m. at the Harrison County Community Foundation building in Corydon.