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Sept. 14, 2022

Sept. 14, 2022 Sept. 14, 2022

•What has happened to the walking path along the creek? It used to be such a nice walk, but now it is so weedy you cannot see the water. In fact, it is a little scary to walk by it.

•I saw that someone had called into the Live Wire about the beautiful flowers downtown and the work that Darrell Voelker does to keep them beautiful. I really appreciate Darrell’s work on that too, and some of the employees of the town of Corydon are also doing so. But, I think we should not forget about how well that the Harrison County Fairgrounds are kept up, and I think we have to sent out a big thank you to Melvin Shewmaker, the long-time grounds keeper over at the fairgrounds for all the work that he has done. Melvin is a true public servant. He’s been with the fire department, I think, for over 50 years. It just seems like Melvin is always doing something for other people. He’s just a great person.

•When is (Col.) Sanders going to open its doors and serve its Wednesday senior buffet?

•What’s going on in New Middletown? Well, we had the cops over here one day last week. They wrote a few little tickets, but that didn’t keep (motorists) from not stopping. Over a hundred cars a day goes through here within a half hour, and 95 out of a 100 of them never stop. And the speed limit? Oh, my (gosh); it’s crazy. I almost been run over a couple of times trying to cross the street. Let’s get with the program and get the sheriff out here and do some work.

•9/11/2001, I remember it as clear as it was yesterday. I was working a loading dock and my husband was off to work. Then I heard the news on the radio. Then we watched the news on the TV. I was absolutely terrified. My husband was driving a (truck) over in Louisville, and I wasn’t sure exactly where. All I knew is that planes had hit the twin towers, a plane had hit the Pentagon, a plane had gone down in Pennsylvania and they were closing down all the airports because they were afraid of terroristic landings and strikes. … There is nothing more scary than having your spouse or loved one not be able to contact you. Back then there were no cell phones. … I understand the people that lost their loved ones in those towers and everywhere else because I for one was among the ones and my husband was in Kentucky. That day scared all of us. Americans lost their innocence that day. It has never been recovered; it probably never well. I can only hope that one day we can all finally live in peace because days like that are horrifying and no one could understand or believe that it had hit America, that we are no different than any other country. My prayers go out to the ones that lost ones, to the ones that are still suffering because of the loss.

•I was reading the 100-year-old column about a 4-year-old child holding food too close to her face when she was trying to feed a horse and the end of the child’s nose was bitten off. I was wondering if anybody that’s living now would know the outcome of that incident because, back then, there would not have been any plastic surgery like there is now.

•When someone goes from posting a picture of their child to a Bible verse to their new fiancée and they’re still married, it says a lot about them and their character …

•I agree with the person that (called) in last week about the court system not doing anything to these criminals. …They send them right out the door … That’s why there’s so much crime in Harrison County and all over the world. … Lock ’em up and keep ’em in there forever.