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Past reunions


The Jacobs-Applegate-Lasley reunion took place Aug. 21 at the Mauckport Shelterhouse.
Those attending were Wayne and Brenda Sampson, Sharon Brown, Sandy McClanahan, David and Kathy Williams, Eldon and Lee Ann Jacobs, June Carter, Lisa Hodges, Marci Hodges, Neal and Barbara Belcher, Doug, Clinton and Hunter Jacobs, Barbara Kincaid, Darrell and Suzan Jacobs, Diana Lasley, Daniel, Brenda and Alora Dunaway and Layla Gray, Zach, Dani, Eli and Jonah Sparrow, Logan Dunaway, Josh DeWeese, Jamie Newman and Dawson Crawford, Ricky and Debbie Belcher, Karen Dietrich Shirley Fertig, Bryan, Tionna and Della Baldridge, Gerald and Kay Jacobs, Devin and Kayla Lopp, Jennifer Smith, Mike and Cindy Pate, Jon, Krista, Emily and Nicholas Williams and Victor Kingsley.


The McKim was Sept. 3 at Hayswood Nature Reserve west of Corydon and included a pitch-in dinner.
Those attending were Roger and Janet Sloan, Daniel Sloan, Jerry and Jeanne Melton, Ronnie and Julie Harris, Junior McKim, Jerry and Carson Simon, Marie and Tammy Faith, Marlon and Marisa McKim, Connor McKim, Sam Flannery, Roger Gibson, Cory and Canden Barton, Randy McKnight, Michael and Veronica McKim, Brandy McGill, Josh and Jesse McKim, Dalton McKim, Anna, Grace, Amerius, Dawson, Casen and Mike Hodge and Joe Newman.