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Sept. 7, 2022

Sept. 7, 2022 Sept. 7, 2022

•I just read where California passed a law that in 15 years they’re going electric. They will be making no more gasoline cars. Maybe that will soak in with some of these people driving these big motor homes and fancy vehicles around polluting the air. Coming pretty soon they won’t be able to do it any more.

•This message is for the Harrison County Fair board members. Do not drain the bank account of 4-H to fund your project idea to pay for the blacktopping of the cattle barns at the Harrison County Fairgrounds at a cost of $50,000 up to $100,000 is unnecessary.

•On your Aug. 31 word search, they’re blurry; I can’t do them. I do them every week. And, when is Kentucky Fried Chicken going to open up their Wednesday buffet for seniors? I miss it.
Editor’s note: I apologize for the quality of the word search puzzle the week of Aug. 31. We are working out some bugs as the newspaper is going through a transition period.

•I’m calling in about (President Joe) Biden’s student loan forgiveness. What about the older people that paid for their loan and also raising the national debt to get it done? Also, a college degree doesn’t always pay more. Mechanical work pays more most places.

•People wonder why crime is so rampant. There were seven dispositions on anything from drunk driving, marijuana, whatever; they were sentenced to 9-1/2 years. They only had to serve 27 days. So, if we’re not punishing people, why even bother locking them up? Just give them whatever they want and we’ll continue to have the break-ins and the problems we have.