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Sec. of Ed. visits SH schools

Sec. of Ed. visits SH schools
Sec. of Ed. visits SH schools
Photos by Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor

Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana’s Secretary of Education, left center, talks with a student at Corydon Elementary School during a visit Thursday morning. She had time to visit three classrooms at CES.

Sec. of Ed. visits SH schoolsFrom CES, Jenner went to Corydon Central High School where she learned how to draw blood, left, with assistance from Katie Broom, R.N., and senior Emma Boone, who talked with Jenner about earning her medical assistance certification while still in high school.

Jenner also talked with students in th pharmacy class and two of Amanda Atkin’s students who want to be teachers and stopped in the Maker’s Space classroom.

Jenner said she was impressed with what she saw at the South Harrison schools and believes other schools could model some of what is taught here.