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Community unites to help children in need in Ukraine

Many in Harrison County came together to help some of the children of Ukraine.

St. John’s Lutheran School of Lanesville, Blue River Baptist Church of Depauw and several individuals such as Kathy Eckart, Karen Pearson, R. and C. Sherrod, J. and M. Biddle, C. and V. Sevilla, J. Allen, Mr. Purvis, Gettelfinger, all contributed to the sending of 50 school kit bags to Lutheran World Relief, which will direct these bags to those Ukrainian children most in need.

Each school kit bag included notebooks, pencils, pens, eraser, scissors, ruler and pencil sharpener.

It is so wonderful that the loving, kind hearts of many are not restrained. It can be said that “love has no boundaries, be it across one’s community, one’s country or to others oversea.”

We appreciate a community that is willing to care.

This community does care about so many, in so many different ways. Those members in our community that are so lovingly and willing to help others are the ones who will keep our community a healthy environment to live and flourish.

Sandy Gettelfinger | Corydon, Ind.