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Aug. 31, 2022

Aug. 31, 2022 Aug. 31, 2022

•I just want everybody to know it’s kind of messed up what they do to drug dealers. Drug dealers are good people, but the government locks them up like they’re trash. How I see it sometimes the government is trash ’cause they’re trying to legalize marijuana. Now, that’s a big hypocrite system right there of the government. Take out all the drug dealers put in jail. But it’s OK for the government to do it? …

•The weeds along the trail behind the (Corydon) Post Office are so tall you cannot see the creek. The peaceful view of the creek is gone.

•I am the one calling in about the scam calls. I’m still getting them. I found out a number to call, and I called that number, but I found out it don’t kick in for 30 days. It has to go through a bunch of stuff to be legalized, documented, red tape and all that to get everything they need, all the information, and it doesn’t kick in for 30 days. But the number that you call, I called in 2-1/2 weeks ago, and I’m still getting scam calls, about three a day, two or three a day. I’m sick of them. So, I got the number to call, which is 1-888-382-1222 … Then after 30 days if they keep calling you, you can report that number and they’ll either have to pay $5,000 fine or spend six months in jail. And I have tried to retrace their calls, and you can’t hardly do it because see they’re calling from an unlisted number. It’s a scam. It’s a scam to start with. So, please consider it’s a scam. And I have called the number right back to be told this is not a listed number, this is not a working, listed number. But there’s a number; now that you know what to do, even if you have to wait 30 days, I believe it’s a big pay off in the long run.

•Don’t ever think you can defy God’s commandments or God’s ordinances and still make it into heaven because it don’t work that way.

•Have you traveled through your home town of Corydon recently and really looked at what a beautiful picture it is, especially now with all the radiant flowers? But these do not appear by magic, but by lots of work, work by unsung heroes, probably several, but the one we have seen is Darrell Voelker. As my husband and I travel through town on our way to a peaceful lunch, who do we see watering and caring for the beautiful hanging baskets? Thank you, Darrell, and all he other unsung heroes who make our hometown lovelier. So, if you go through town on weekends, honk your horn and wave and let Darrell know he is appreciated.

•How awesome is it that St. John’s Lutheran Church was able to celebrate 175 years of existence? Well, it was actually 176 years, but the COVID-19 pandemic kept the congregation from having a celebration last year. The displays they had were amazing and gave quite an insight to the past many years of life in the church. You could tell that the committee put a lot of time and effort into event. Thank you to all who had a hand in it.

•With the fall high school sports season in full swing, let’s remember to support our student athletes with words of encouragement rather than yelling criticisms at them. Also, not all emphasis should be put on winning games. These young people are learning a lot about life for their futures while participating in extracurricular sporting events.

•It was nice to see a great turnout for the North Harrison band car show on Aug. 20. Participation by car enthusiasts had been slim the past few years, most likely due to COVID-19. This car show has been around for 28 years and helps fund a worthy program of the North Harrison Community School Corp. I hope to see it continue with at least as many entries again next year. If you have never attended the show as a spectator, I highly recommend it. There are also good silent auction items to bid on.