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15 years ago

Aug. 29, 2007

The public health coordinator-office manager position for Harrison County appears to be secure for next year, and the sheriff’s department may get another police officer. At least, that’s what the county council has planned after two nights of budget sessions last week.

Eight of Harrison County’s 74 bridges are listed by the Indiana Dept. of Transportation as either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Of those, the six in the worst shape have either been replaced, rehabilitated or are in line to receive a face lift, said county highway engineer Kevin Russel.

Carman J. (C.J.) Loudon, 80, of Depauw died Saturday morning from injuries sustained when he was partially thrown from the utility ATV he was driving on his farm to help move cattle. The right-front tire of the ATV got off into a “washout depression” that had recently opened up on the property.

Requirements for subdivision roads, which have been a cause for concern in Harrison County, may get more strict if Kevin Russel gets his way. Russel, the county engineer, told the three county commissioners on Aug. 20 that there is a need for a policy concerning proposed subdivision roads that have been passed through the review process and will be county maintained roadways once construction is completely finished.

The Crawford County Lady Pack and North Harrison Cougars beat both the hat and their competition in the first cross-country meet of the season, the Little Four meet at North Harrison High School on Thursday afternoon. Crawford County’s Lauren Schaftlein and the Cougars’ Tyler Best took individual top honors.

Deaths: Chester A. Werncke, 84; Naomi J. Yenawine, 80; Timothy (Mike) Thompson, 30; Jaye A. Jones, 50; Iduma Best, 76; Charlotte (Sue) Goldman, 67; Bernice E. Loweth, 79; Alpheus V. (Al, John Henry) Marshall, 77; Evelyn Parr, 89; Carman J. (C.J.) Loudon, 80; David J. Walker, 84; Douglas V. Reed, 60; Ruth A. Kindrick, 67.

25 years ago

Sept. 3, 1997

The animal control committee appointed in May by the Harrison County Board of Commissioners yesterday recommended that an animal shelter be established and an animal control officer appointed. Extension agent Gerald W. Dryden, acting chair of the animal control committee, said a survey was sent to 694 registered voters (5 percent of the total in the count) selected at random. About 40 percent were returned, reflecting a wide array of problems with dogs and other animals.

Main Street Corydon is about to make a splashy comeback. The volunteer community revitalization group that played such a major role in transforming downtown Corydon in the late 1980s is planning a fall fundraiser that will spotlight Harrison County Historian Frederick P. Griffin. The goal is to put Main Street back into the public eye and enable it to do one of its original callings: to work closely with the state Main Street organization and seek matching state grants and funds for local projects, said veteran board member Pam Bennett Martin.

Motorists using the south bridge in Corydon last week might not have paid much attention to a surveyor working near the Harrison County Fairgrounds, but they were passing history in the making. Michael Basham of Lowell was installing a High Accuracy Reference Network station that will change how surveying is done. The system will enhance references for the county’s 911 mapping and help give landing coordinates for SkyCare and STATFlight air ambulances. It an also help in giving reference points for the county’s natural resources, woodlands, wetlands and plains.

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners yesterday morning replaced long-term member Parvin Baumgart on the Harrison County Hospital board with Debbie Gibson, a nurse who works part time at the hospital. “I have nothing against Mr. Baumgart at all,” said Commissioner Ed Emily, whose motion to appoint Gibson was seconded by Steve Haggard, the board chair. “I’ve talked to several people. Some would like to see someone different, and some want to keep Mr. Baumgart. It is a vital appointment, and I feel we need to put a lady on there. To my knowledge, there’s never been a lady on that board.”

The South Central High School cheerleaders competed Aug. 1 to 3 at the University of Kentucky and earned the right to perform before the Jan. 1 CompUSA Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Fla. Senior Amanda Miller, 17, is one of only two girls out of more than 200 named as a Universal Cheerleaders Association All-Star and will get to go to London to perform in a New Year’s Day parade.

Deaths: Jesse J. Sullivan, 62; Marjorie P. (Pat) Ottersbach, 76; Terry L. McAfee, 39; Charles E. Lynch, 82; Philmore Sandlin Jr. 72; Susan L. Mosier, 30; Jessie R. Duvall; Anthony W. Alcorn, 5 months; Doris Jo Ann Eastridge, 59; E. Lucille Hilton, 74; Ethan Decker, infant; Stanley A. Combs Jr., 70; Curtis F. Burnett, 78; Sebastian J. Herbert, 79; Anna K. Biggs, 81; Flora Loeffler, 57; Alice I. Mathie, 67; Malcolm T. Lincoln Sr., 30; Donald D. Fowler, 70; Donna L. Miller, 74; Violetta H. Brown, 96.

50 years ago

Aug. 30, 1972

A former Indiana State Police trooper and detective has joined the staff of the Corydon Police Dept. Charlie Burch, 37, of Corydon, started working as a night marshal Aug. 23. He has 15 years experience in police work for the state. With the addition of Burch, the local marshal’s force has four men, including Burch, Glenn Crone, Clayton Montgomery and Larry Ash.

Paul Lee Smith of Depauw has been successful in having his musical composition, “I’m Afraid I’s Affecting My Mind,” put on a record along with “World Called Happiness.” The record was cut by Nashville Musicians in Nashville, Tenn. Smith has his own band, The Tradewinds, and has toured for some time.

James S. Benton, who taught in the Lanesville schools, last week returned to California where he is resuming teaching in the Barstow District at Mountain Pass.

Sauna Toning Equipment has come to New Salisbury. It is in a mobile unit one door north of the New Salisbury United Methodist Church. Mrs. Anna Margaret Davidson, owner and operator of Davidson’s Beauty Salon, is providing the sauna service.

Mrs. Frances Jordan has been elected president of the Southeastern Golf Association which numbers membership from Madison, Salem, Valley View, Paoli, Jeffersonville Elks and Corydon Country Club.

There are 5,639 students enrolled for this coming school term in the three public school systems in the county.

Births: Boys — Pauline Jones, Mrs. John Wenning, Mrs. Kevin Bullington; girl — Mrs. Edward Cannon.

Deaths: Clarence O. Lawson Jr., 19; Leona A. Luallen, 72; Herman Gettelfinger, 71; Ella Stone, 44.

65 years ago

Aug. 28, 1957

Bryan Fisher of New Albany has accepted employment with Rowe Motor Sales in Corydon. Fisher is a native of Heth Township.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Tindall and son Freddie plan to move into their new home in the Wilson subdivision in about three weeks. They sold their home on Water Street to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Jackson.

Nellie Kintner, Betty Fulkerson and Glenda Cunningham are attending Indiana State Fair School at Indianapolis for 10 days.

William J. Hussung of Georgetown was the winner of the Guess-a-Pig contest sponsored by Wenning Packing Co. He guessed within 2 ounces of the actual weight of the pig.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Marion Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shekells, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Craig; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Norvel Troncin, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sturgeon, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arville Funk.

Deaths: Harvey Payton, 58; Edward Rheinhardt, 70; George Quebbeman, 85; Robert F. Elliott Jr., 21; Ora Meriwether, 91; Thomas Austin, 76; Effie Tuell.

75 years ago

Aug. Sept. 3, 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Clem Rosenbarger and son, Donald, moved Tuesday to their home on Slate Run Road in New Albany which they purchased recently.

Frank McCullum of New Albany has purchased the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Tullie Dean near Corydon.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lind, Mr. and Mrs. James Pendleton; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Ben Freeman.

Deaths: Dr. Milton Miller, 71; Ida Schnindt, 83; Guy Edward Troncin, 63; Rebecca Alexander, 71; Addie Walter, 79; Marion A. Haas, 77; Johnnie Thornton, 23; Bonnie Ruth Brown; Edwin John, 75.

100 years ago

Aug. 30, 1922

Miss Catherine Hudson is assisting in he bookkeeping department a Keller’s Department Store. Miss Christine Keller resigned to prepare to enter college this fall.

Miss Stella Hisey of Corydon is visiting at the parsonage with the Rev. Josephine Campbell at Osgood.

Birth: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Henton Windell; girls — none.

Deaths: John De Moss, 64; Victor Walters; Mrs. Eliza Gwinn, 83; Mrs. Mollie t. Burgess.