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Past reunions

John’s Island Mission Team

The John’s Island Mission Team Reunion took place Aug. 18 at Pfrimmer’s Chapel United Methodist Church with a pitch-in dinner. There were 34 of the former team members present. Attendees shared memories of the years they spent at John’s Island, S.C., doing mission work.

Present were Melinda Strickland, Jennifer Whalen, Ryan Reisert, Dave Hurst, Carl and Joyce Jenkins, Mark and Kara Hubbard, Julieanne Hubbard, Carol Strewsbury, Thelma Hagerman, Harry and Mary Lee Russell, Paul and Donna Gibson, Taz and Mary Ann Maple, Janice Money, Charlie and Nancy Nolot, Kenny and Ruth Ann Bandy, Cecil Trobaugh, Missi Trobaugh, Lynne Donaldson, Jim and Jeanette Shaw, Jim and Ruby Adamson, Steve and Barb Seitz, Martin Schwartz and Bob and Lois Raisor.


The Crosier reunion took place Aug. 14 at South Harrison Park near Elizabeth.

Those attending were Brenda Donahue, Nancy Pease, Megan Pease, Kyle Pease, Chris Gunther, Whitney Gunther, Houston and Maggie Gunther, Vince and Pam Day, James A. and Ruth Ann Crosier, Allen Crosier, Natalie Crosier, Brandon and Megan Crosier, Eric Anderson, Dave M. Crosier and David A. Crosier.