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Aug. 24, 2022

Aug. 24, 2022 Aug. 24, 2022

•I tell you one thing, that North Road up there in Hancock Chapel is an Indianapolis 500 road. Them people drive so fast … I wish the police would come up here.

•Last week, somebody called in and gave the number how to stop the scam calls. I get so many scam calls every day; I’m sick of them. So, that number that was turned in last week to The Corydon Democrat Live Wire to call, what they didn’t tell was it don’t go into effect for 30 days. But after 30 days, if they keep calling, you can call that number that was listed and (report them.)

•I love to go to the car shows and look at the old cars and talk to people about old cars. But when you go to these gatherings, somebody thinks they’ve got to turn the music up so loud that you can’t talk to anybody about anything. I that that’s just a big problem.

•Harrison County fair board should (indecipherable), apply for grants, solicit county government or pay for the blacktopping of the cattle bars themselves. Harrison County 4-H is allotted money each year to ensure educational 4-H programs, not to fund the blacktopping of cattle barns because a fair board member requested it. I do not approve of the 4-H Council’s decision to blacktop the cattle barn.

•I had to laugh when read the Live Wire this past week because the gas had came down a dollar … Let’s not forget it was (during Joe Biden’s time in office) that raised it up to start with. President Trump had it set up in a way the pipelines and all that stuff … was trying to help us, and Joe Biden undermined a lot of it and that’s on reason why gas prices are so high.

•The Bible talks about gay and same-sex marriages is ungodly. So, God created man to be with woman and woman to be with man, so God’s word is true and faithful. He did not point to any man to be with a man … So, if you wanna go to heaven, you gotta go by God’s word.

•I’m calling in response to an article that was in the Ag. 17 issue regarding the dress code at North Harrison. I don’t understand any parent that would want their teenage daughter exposing any skin that might be against a dress code. Any tall person can find clothes for tall people; they exist everywhere. And if people have trouble finding clothes to wear to public school, they should just buy clothes that are approved for private schools that have dress codes. Those kids always find clothes to wear. It’s not a problem unless you want it to be. People need to have respect for their bodies. Parents need to have respect for their daughters’ bodies. Yes, teenage boys need to be taught to show respect to girls, but having arguments over dress codes because someone can’t find clothes to fit the dress code is ridiculous.

•I’m calling in response to the comment in the Live Wire on Aug. 10. Someone said Indiana has stripped women of their rights to make their own decisions regarding private and personal health care crises. Getting pregnant unplanned is not a health care crisis. It’s a morality and values crises that is running rampant n the United States. The rights have not been taken away … All women can control their own body and choose to not have unprotected sex or sex outside of marriage. Stop blaming the government for your choices.

•People who mow cemeteries do not need to destroy flowers and rose bushes. That’s the family’s job to take care of them, not theirs to destroy. That is evil and hateful.

•I was at Milltown Festival last weekend. It was great fun. However, people were asked to make their cars out of the post office parking lot because that was a business parking lot. The announcer made it clear this was not a police of a town request, but it was at the specific request of the post office. I was very confused by this because it was after post office hours. I was wondering if this request was necessary.

•For anyone who still believes the big lie about the 2020 election being stolen, I suggest that you read the (editorial) by Melinda Burrell and Whitney Babash last week named “Be a poll worker for our democracy.” If you still don’t believe it was a true election, take the time and read it again, over and over if needed.

•Let me ask you a question. Do you think we should obey man’s rules or do you think we should obey God’s rules? ’Cause God says don’t have nothing to do with homosexuality; it brings wrath upon them.

•When you love someone, you will tell them the truth. I love the homosexuals, but I love them enough to tell them the truth. Kings James Bible, the book of Romans, the first chapter, will explain as to why we cannot support homosexuality …

•Remember, the streets in New Middletown are 25 mph. The main street is actually a school location. Twenty-five mph is the speed limit there, not 50 or 55. Children are at play; school zone. Speed kills.

• I travel German Ridge Road quite often, and I hate to see the junkyard developing on my travels down German Ridge Road.

•After visiting Goodwill recently, I discovered that they are no longer doing discounts like they were. So, I decided to look on Facebook, and guess what? Their CEO makes $598,300 plus bonuses of $118.027 a year. And what does he pay his employees? Sad, sad, sad.

•In response to the person who said we should thank Joe Biden for lowering the gasoline prices. That would be like a chicken thanking Col. Sanders for being a smart businessman.

•It continues to amaze me the number of people who disregard stop signs. One example where I see this frequently occur is at the intersection of S.R. 337 NW and Louden’s Chapel Road. What ever happened to motorists obeying traffic laws? And why are the police not enforcing these laws?

•It looks like I missed a great event in downtown Corydon the other night because I did not see it on Facebook. I wish people would put their events in the newspaper where those who don’t use Facebook to get their news would have a chance to know about them.