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YMCA strives to overcome challenges it faces with pool

We in this county have a great joy in having a YMCA available to all of us. Not many small rural counties have a “Y” and support it like this community does.

These last few years have been difficult for our country, our state and this community. It also has been difficult for our Y. Like many businesses, it has been difficult to obtain employees and keep them.

The Y was closed the first week of August for the annual shut down to clean and to do other necessary painting and repairs. As a lifeguard at our Y, I have always found this to be a great time to spend bonding with our other great employees who I usually only see for limited times during the week.

During that time, we all worked hard to improve our facility. Our maintenance supervisor, Mark, and one of our adult lifeguards, Darrell (who is retired from the Corps of Engineers), spent several days removing the old pump from the lap pool and replacing it with another one. Unfortunately, the new one failed within a couple of days. This is just one example of the difficulties the Y has had. But, because of the great work by Mark and Darrell, and others, our Y is moving on.

We are fortunate to have great leaders like our CEO Kim, our Aquatics Director Janae (who is amazingly mature and patient for her young adult age) and several others who are great to work with.

Recently, all of us have been the recipients of some complaints. Some of them stated in a very mature way and some in a very nasty and hateful manner.

Please be aware that Kim and Janae are doing their very best to keep our pools open in the face of pump failures, scheduling problems and lifeguard shortages. They are on top of the situation and are working vigorously to keep the pools open as much as feasibly possible.

Please realize this and positively support our efforts to keep this Y the wonderful community place we all can enjoy.

My dad used to say many times: “Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle.”

Glenn Thienel | Corydon, Ind.