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Northeast Posey news

Northeast Posey news Northeast Posey news

The South Central Class of 1961 luncheon group met July 26 at Cracker Barrel in Corydon. Those present were Bernice Schickel, Dallas and Norma Waynescott, Rosemary Russel, Jim Wolfe, Nick and Shirley Fessel, Ronnie Schoen, Kenny and Martha Dones and Anita K. Bube. The next luncheon is planned for Aug. 30 at Culver’s in Corydon.

Prayers for Donna Heinze and Harlon, Sue Graves (Warren), Judy Eaton, Lois Stiller, Karla Brewer, our country and one another.

I leave you with a message of comfort and hope for pilgrims looking toward a better home, eternal life with God. Think of your struggles with sin, the unexpected circumstances of natural disasters, the loss of loved ones.

Viewed from only a human perspective, victory seems distant and righteousness appeared doomed. But, whatever your experience in this age, you can be confident that the Kingdom of Christ will never perish. It’s comforting to know we can have “Victory in Jesus.”