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July 6, 2022

July 6, 2022
July 6, 2022
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15 years ago

July 4, 2007

Educators know that before they can do their job, they must have an audience. That’s why school corporations have been working toward reducing the number of truants. Debbie Ade, principal at English Elementary School, defined truancy as a series of unexcused absences. But, she said, it can also be a series of unexcused tardies. Ade was one of six panelists at the 14th annual tri-county dinner meeting of the Farm Bureau members from Crawford, Harrison and Washington counties last Wednesday evening.

Cloudy skies didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of members of the Indiana militia who set up camp on the square on Saturday. In fact, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd who came to see them, either. The weather only led to cooler temperatures for the third annual Indiana Territory Festival, and, even if it had rained, Tom Chapman, a re-enactor from Charlestown, said it likely wouldn’t have made much difference.

After two years at the helm of the Crawford County Wolfpack basketball team, head coach Mike Ray turned in his resignation last Wednesday, after compiling a 19-24 record.

Deaths: Mary A. Pate, 87; Dorothy C. Flispart, 90; Charles H.. Cadle Jr., 55; Herbert R. Schellenberger, 90; Maybell Johnson, 81; William S. Hawkins, 68; Dan F. Long, 66; Gregory L. Garrett, 51; Mavis (Jean) Doan, 81; Allen Burkhart, 52; David L. Davis, 73; Nancy Swisher, 69; Carl D. Pease, 77; Bobby G. Davis, 75.

25 years ago

July 9, 1997

The Harrison County Plan Commission will make a rare site visit before considering a proposed subdivision on Brunner Hill Road between Buffalo Trace Road and Corydon-Ramsey Road in Morgan Township. Toby Dowel and Troy Bennett, who hope to purchase the land from Patrick Murphy, propose developing 40 lots on 81 acres, a decrease from the original 48 lots. Several neighbors objected at the plan commission meeting last Thursday because they believe the subdivision would lower property values. The homes would be about 1,350 square feet, and the developers said some may be modular.

Those who have been attending Old Settlers’ Day celebrations throughout its 18-year history could usually depend on one thing: sweltering heat. It wasn’t uncommon for the women making johnny cakes or pioneer beef stew to be sweating over fires in relentless sunshine and 100-degree heat. It wasn’t like that Friday, when the weather was just about perfect for a Fourth of July celebration on Corydon’s historic town square. It was sunny, cool and only about 75 degrees. And there were no late afternoon toad-stranglers either.

Following last month’s debate over road funding, Harrison County Councilman Carl (Buck) Mathes told the commissioners Monday he has learned that dollars earned by the sheriff for keeping state and out-of-county prisoners cannot be used for roads. But, there are other steps that can be taken to increase funding. After conferring with Frank Cummings, Harrison County’s tax consultant, Mathes said he’d learned the money could come from County Adjusted Gross Income Tax (CAGIT).

Deaths: Sibyl A. Frederick Chinn, 92; Roma J. Briscoe, 69; John W. Morgan, 84; Herman J. Bush, 57; Sylvia C. Buckingham-Glore, 59; Maxwell D. Longest, 76; Mildred G. Brockman Stewart, 77; Kevin W. Grimes, 34; Thelma McIntyre Temple, 94; Ercell Goeddertz, 83; Dora Harvey Walker, 77.

50 years ago

July 5, 1972

Keller Manufacturing Co. Inc. will build a $3.5 million plant in Corydon Junction, scheduled to be in operation by October 1973. The plant will be one-quarter mile long.

Kenneth Turley, 63, drowned Sunday in Blue River when the horse he was riding stepped off a ledge in deep water as they attempted to ford the stream. He and other Old Capitol Saddle Club members were mapping a trail ride for their 100-mile annual ride at the forest later this summer.

Crawford County’s long-anticipated central high school received a big boost last week when the school board acquired a tract of land on which the school will be built. They purchased 85 acres on S.R. 66 south of Marengo from Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sarles.

Major Gen. Foster Lahue, Corydon native, has been promoted to lieutenant general and now assigned as chief of staff at Headquarters Marine Corps.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Larry Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice King, Capt. and Mrs. Gregory Walts, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Williams; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Faust, Mrs. Geneva Oberson, Mr. and Mrs. Will Kirk Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hardsaw

Deaths: Christopher Means; Ralph B. Ross; Dumont Stewart, 82; Caryl Bell, 52; Pearl Cooper, 74.

65 years ago

July 3, 1957

Kenneth W. Miles and Harold Kessinger are appointed to the Harrison County Hospital board. Miles succeeds J. Hardin Lemmon, and Kessinger takes the place of Chester Turley.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Limeberry have purchased the building on East Chestnut Street from Lula Linder. The building is currently occupied by Fravel Barbershop and Hickman Flowers.

An old log house on the John Snyder place, north of Lanesville, is being developed as a recreation center by the Lutheran Layman’s League of the Louisville area. A lake will also be made through donations.
Fifteen young people from nine states are at Camp Merry Ledges on Blue River working on the building and grounds, erecting a new cabin and improving the camp for use of Louisville children who will come to it during the summer. The camp is located three miles north of Fountain.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Chester Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stiner, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ernstberger; girls — Mr. and Mrs. James Carver, Mr. and Mrs. Jams Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Carmel Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Beanblossom, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lopp.

Deaths: Edna Sears, 80; Sadie Fetzer, 78; Claude W. Martin, 71; John W. Meek, 80.

75 years ago

July 9, 1947

Ollie J. Dear of Ramsey has completed a course in Income Tax Accounting at the University of Louisville. Dear is an employee of the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary of Louisville.

Ora and Louise Bary have taken over the filling station and grocery business in Frenchtown, formerly owned by Louis Emily.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. William G. Monroe; girls — Mr. and Mrs. William Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kiger.

Deaths: Sam Miller Jr., 20; Jack D. Funk 20; Frank Hess, 69; Jessie Fern Curts, 32; Susan Wolfe, 83; John L. Baumgart, 68; Frank Foster, 72; Roy Shireman, 56; Alvia LaHue, 81; Matilda Finley.

100 years ago

July 5, 1922

Ivan L. Rosenbarger, Russell Rowe, John M. Chambers and Charles Jordan of this place have a summer camp on Big Indian Creek about six miles south west of Corydon near the Jacob Mauck place. They spent Sunday night there and they put out trot lines which caught for them 60 pounds of fish.

C.C. Gailey, with a force of hands, has torn down the old frame building south of the county jail which he recently purchased of The Corydon State Bank at public auction.

Birth: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Askren; girls — none.

Deaths: Mrs. Matilda Marie Meyer, 41; John M. Taylor, 76; Mrs. Emma Brugh, 35; Mrs. Flora Venner.