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July 20, 2022

July 20, 2022 July 20, 2022

15 years ago

July 18, 2007

Work to improve a portion of Lanesville Road is progressing, with the Harrison County Commissioners taking an amendment under advisement. Representatives from the Bonar Group, the engineering firm hired for Phase I work, addressed James Goldman and Terry Miller during their regular meeting Monday night. (Commissioner J.R. Eckart was absent.) The project, which will widen Lanesville Road from the Lanesville Interstate 64 interchange to just south of Georges Hill Road, is now in the design approval process and is moving toward bid letting. The project calls for widening the road to four 12-foot lanes with a 14-foot-wide, two-way turning lane in the center.

Assistant Supt. Jeff Hauswald gave an impassioned presentation to the South Harrison Community School Corp. Board of Trustees July 10 as he outlined portions of the South Harrison District School Plan. Hauswald said the plan presents an opportunity for the corporation to get better in several areas where it may have been lacking in the past. In April, South Harrison found out it was on of 886 schools in the state that failed to meet federal standards for Adequate Yearly Progress. To make AYP, all student demographic groups within a school must past state tests or show significant improvement toward passing. If any one area does not improve, the entire school is labeled as failing to meet AYP.

A representative of the Association of Indiana Counties Inc. last Tuesday evening explained to the Crawford County Council the three new optional local income tax provisions passed this year by the Indiana Legislature. County may now impose additional rates of County Adjusted Gross Income Tax or County Option Income Tax, using the current adoption mechanisms, to fund levy growth, property tax relief or public safety costs.

Old Capital Golf Club has added a new addition to its championship course. The Corydon club celebrated the grand opening of its par-three course on Saturday. The course includes a new lake, waterfall and three holes located in the southeast corner of the golf course property. Distances range from 60 to 140 yards and includes three sets of tees.

Deaths: Arthur Sloan Jr., 70; Annis E. Barrow, 93; Melvin L. Woehrle, 76; Sibyl K. Miller, 86; Richard M. Hellen, 61; Issac R. Ronning, 4 months; Gladys C. Cooper, 77; Stephen P. Kopp, 62; Wesley B. Slentz, 2 days; Alice K. Shroyer, 87; Terry L. Miller, 57; Rosetta M. Crosby, 78; Sheila F. Dweitt, 58; Sheree J. Bickel, 41; Micheal D. Wilhite, 41; Margaret S. Stansbury, 85; Joshua D. Henson, 13; Stephan H. Edwards, 56; Stanley E. Brannon, 90.

25 years ago

July 23, 1997

Fairgoers will have an extra day to visit the livestock exhibits at next week’s Harrison County Fair. “The livestock will be there until Saturday,” said Steve Haggard, chair of the board of directors for the Harrison County Agricultural Society, the shareholders’ group which owns the fairgrounds. “That’s a big plus. In the past, people always tore down (their stalls) and left early.” The reason the exhibits will be there longer is because the 4-H Livestock Auction has been moved from Friday to Saturday at 5 p.m. With additions to the cattle barn, about 100 more head of cattle are expected.

Following several meetings last week between Caesars Indiana and individual officials, the Harrison County Board of Commissioners voted Monday night to form a committee of commissioners and council members to speed up the permitting processes.

The resignation of Lanesville elementary principal Lisa Ferguson had barely been accepted by the board of trustees before it approved a contract for her successor, Lanesville graduate Tim Bridges. Ferguson had just completed her third year at Lanesville. On July 10, she was named principal of West Washington Elementary School.

Almost two months ago, Vencor, which operates the Indian Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center in Corydon, broke ground next door for a new facility. The $7 million, 62,000-square-foot skilled nursing center is expected to be completed by May of 1998, said Susan Moss, a spokesperson for Vencor’s corporate office. Vencor, based in Louisville, is the largest full-service, long-term health care provider in the United States.

Deaths: Garnet H. Baker, 89; Charles T. Miller, 59; Sylvia K. Luther, 81; Bradley Coogle, 83; Kathleen S. Wolpert, 96; Etta F. Haub, 87; Mary A. Clifton, 91; Mary P. Langsdon, 67; Addie M. Smith, 79; Dorothy Byerley, 75; Leroy Uhl, 60.

50 years ago

July 19, 1972

Corydon Trustees have requested that watering lawns and gardens and other unnecessary uses of water be stopped. The filtering system is unable to process the demand.

The Corydon Nursing Home is getting its state license back after a brief denial of relicensing by the Indiana Health Facilities Council. It had been cited for failure to meet fire safety regulations.

The Post Oak-Cedar Nature Reserve opened in May in the Harrison-Crawford State Forest. It is located north of Horsemen’s Hideaway and south of the fire tower. It contains 42 acres and is one mile long. It can be walked in one hour.

Fifty-three Girl Scouts visited at Camp Stem near Laconia last week. The camp was dedicated last October. The girls came from Palmyra, New Salisbury, Corydon, Elizabeth, Laconia, Crandall and other communities; Kentuckiana Girl Scout Council Inc. has leased the facility.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Danny Rothrock, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hecht III, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stacy; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Neff, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pate, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Young.

Deaths: Margie Sappenfield, 31; Charles Harlow, 62; Dewey Eckart; Ronald Harbeson, 35; Arlie Fogal, 83; Edith Compton, 96; Cecil Harrison; Robert F. Crawford, 58; Martha Peacock, 74; Arthur Walters, 68; Thelmor Morton, 61; Mrs. Ewing Chaote.

65 years ago

July 17, 1957

Lee Flanigan has been appointed resident superintendent of Harrison State Forest, succeeding Wesley Lowe, who has served the past three years. Mr. Flanigan had employment for a number of years with the Indiana Utilities Corp. of Corydon.

The Aetna Oil Co., through its agent, Mrs. Paul Wilton, has leased property from Lyndon Underwood at the corner of Chestnut and Mulberry streets for the purpose of installing an Aetna Oil Service Station. The Reesor Service Station was formerly located on this property.

Work was completed last week on the new food center building on Road 135 south of Palmyra by Mr. and Mrs. Oral Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy had a business in Central Barren for a number of years.

Harry C. Hurst has accepted employment in the office of Welfare Finance Corp. in New Albany.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Heishman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erb, Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Wiseman, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dale; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McCullum, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lohrstorfer, Mr. and Mrs. George Bir Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pool; twin girls — Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mayfield.

Deaths: Leroy Brown, 49; George Frederick, 50; Martha Jane Stonecipher, 32; Walter L. McRae, 87; Lawrence Weathers; Russell Dooley, 18; Nora Byrd. 70.

75 years ago

July 23, 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Humphrey and daughter, Judith, and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kelburn of Rockville have been spending their vacation at Wyandotte and visiting Mrs. Humphrey’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Atwood, the past week.

Cordie Dean has moved his grocery business to the building he recently constructed directly across from his former location in Central. Living quarters are also part of the new building.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geswein; girls — none.

Deaths: Esther Isterling, 45; Charles Newton, 26; Zettie True, 60; Anna Motley, 66; Robert Gonterman, 70.

100 years ago

July 19, 1922

Mrs. Len Stevens, two miles west of Corydon, is visiting her sons, Harry Stevens in Rankin, Ill., and Lee Stevens at Bethany, Neb. Jacob Stevens of Jeffersonville is with his brother Lem while Mrs. S. is away.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Richert of this place gave a dinner in honor of the 12th birthday of their daughter, Barbara, last Sunday at their home. Those present were Ona Reas, Oneda Flock, Gertrude Jordan and Louise and Barbara Richert.
Birth: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. August Yochem; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Andrew LaHue.
Deaths: James Elijah Miller, 76; Mrs. Amanda Borden, 75; Minnie Askren, 8; Andrew Anderson, 54; Mrs. Mary Bartley, 85; Jacob Leroy Kintner; Chester Saffer, 23.