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Aug. 17, 2022

Aug. 17, 2022 Aug. 17, 2022

We ask that calls be brief and less than one minute. All comments will be reviewed and those meeting our criteria will be published in the Live Wire column. Libelous comments, rumors, personal attacks and political endorsements will not be published. The Corydon Democrat reserves the right to edit all material.

•Vote at Old Capitol United Methodist Church on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022, at 2 p.m. if you are a member. You do not need to be an active member. The vote is to allow gay marriage in our church. Do not allow anyone to make you vote in a certain way. That is the Christian thing to do.

•This is for the (caller) that wants me to thank Joe Biden in order to talk about the gas prices. They’re still $3.89, $3.99 a gallon, which is probably about 150% more than last year. Also, my propane bill for the winter has gone up 61%. So, I’m not thanking Biden. I’m also not thanking him for the 23% increase in inflation for the last three months. And, as far as a woman being allowed to abort a baby, yes, she has the right to do anything she wants to with her body. However, when she chooses to have sex and has a baby, then it’s time for us to protect the children. Sorry for being disagreeable, but that’s the way I feel.

•Thank you, Joe, for our gas prices dropping. Now, the gas is only a dollar more than it was when President Trump left office. Of course, the food prices as well as about everything else is doubled. Yes, thank you, Joe.

•I live down here around Laconia. I’m sitting here; I read the Live Wire. There’s some (caller) that must be a Democrat. (The caller asked) where’s all these thank yous for President Biden ’cause the gas (prices) went down. Doesn’t this (caller) realize that the gas wouldn’t have been such a mess if (Biden) had left the gas line … open, let them drill? We’d be self-sufficient. We wouldn’t have all these problems. He’s given all our stuff away. He’s scared of China. What do they got on him? What’s what I’d like to know.

•I’m sitting at the red light at the corner of (S.R.) 135 and Landmark Avenue because I got here a second too late for the turn arrow. So now, I’m having to wait through an entire light cycle even though there’s no one coming toward me. I can’t turn left into the Walmart parking lot. If the county would please consider changing this to a flashing yellow off-and-on turn so that when we’re sitting here looking at nothing we can actually go ahead and turn the corner.
Editor’s note: The Indiana Dept. of Transportation would be the one to make the change you’re suggesting, not the Harrison County Highway Dept.

•The Harrison County Fair board, also known as the Ag Society, if they want to blacktop the inside of their cattle barns, they should pay for it themselves. They shouldn’t ask the youth members of Harrison County 4-H to pay for over $50,000 worth of blacktop work, and it could be even more than that. In the future, I feel like that money should be spent on the 4-H youth of this county in training, workshops and for supplies that are needed, not to blacktop these barns when they’re only used for one week during the fair. That’s my opinion.

•I just now this minute found out the number that you can call to stop the scam phone calls from coming in. I’ve been getting so many scam phone calls. I just now got the number, how you can block them. The number is 1-888-382-1222.