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Past reunion


The 86th annual Shaw reunion was Aug. 6 at Judy Hasenour’s home at Haubstadt.

Those in attendance were from the family of Elmer and Sally Rothrock Shaw and Samuel and Clara Kintner Rothrock and they were Judy Hasenour, Rick and Patty Null, Deann Tharp, Josh and Layla Tharp, Brenttenie, J.C., Jess and Jason Tucker, Don and Sarah Riley, Marlin and June Wells, Eldon and Donna Curry, Deon Marke Curry, Bob and Connie McCleland, Barbara Jo Miller, Jim and Jeanette Shaw, Mike and Mayetta Purcell, Velda Harris, Sarah Harris and Bob and Lois Raisor. A dinner was furnished by Hasenour.