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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Zackary Evans, 27, Louisville, son of Charles C. Jr. and Melanie F. Underwood Evans, Nuckols, Ky.; Faith Johnson, 25, Louisville, daughter of Allen and Kimberly Vary Johnson, Westport, Ky.

Cole Allen Hess, 20, Laconia, son of Jeffrey A. and Christina L. Brown Hess, Laconia; Kaitlynn Robyn Boreham, 18, Laconia, daughter of Kristie L. Williams Black, Corydon.

Ethan Morris, 30, Shepherdsville, Ky., son of Danny S. and Rebecca Byers Morris, Shepherdsville, Ky.; Emma Marie Mitchell, 24, Palmyra, daughter of Shannon S. and Tina M. Albers Mitchell, Palmyra.

Joseph A. Jacobi, 23, Corydon, son of Alan and Lisa Jacobi, Corydon; Ivy E. Cooke, 23, Lanesville, daughter of Michael Cooke, Indiana, and Iva K. Cooke, Corydon.

Javier Ardila, 38, Corydon, son of Gil Ardila and Bertha Caballero, both of Colombia; Dashira Griffith, 39, Corydon, daughter of Enrique Griffith, deceased, and Estela Palacio, Panama.

Johnathan Jay Wells, 30, Corydon, son of Michael Wells, Evansville, and Elizabeth Hilgeman Wells-Gwynn, Depauw; Britny Suzanne May, 30, Milltown, daughter of Larry T. May, deceased, and Kathy S. Young Torres, Milltown.

Aaron James Kincaid, 30, New Salisbury, son of Alva Kincaid, Greenville, and Ann Kincaid, Depauw; Tailor Meredith Grimshaw, 30, New Salisbury, daughter of Gary D. Grimshaw, LaGrange, Ky., and Christina M. Grimshaw, New Salisbury.

Christian Tanner Ray McLean, 28, Milltown, son of Beth A. Dooley, Milltown; Keisha Lakay Forbes, 24, Corydon, daughter of Billy J. Forbes, Hardinsburg, and Vicki M. Lynch Haaff Powell, Paoli.

Jesus Guzman Hernandez, 46, Mauckport, son of Fransisco S. Hernandez and Narcisa G. Guzman, both deceased; Dixie Kay Cline, 36, Mauckport, daughter of Myron E. Cline and Tena E. McAdams Cline, both deceased.

Kevin Michael Anderson, 39, New Middletown, son of Randy Anderson, New Middletown, and Donna Shuklls, deceased; Rachel Catherine Coleman, 34, New Middletown, daughter of Anthony Coleman, Corydon, and Nancy C. Sailings, Princeton, Ky.

Mark Allen Peterson, 35, Corydon, son of Mark A. Peterson, Surprize, Ariz., and Jami L. Gamerl VanStratten, Algonquin, Ill.; Devon Ellen Petty, 30, Jeffersonville, daughter of James L. and Betty J. Jones Petty, Jeffersonville.

William Dmitry Foster, 24, Corydon, son of Greg and Hannah Borders Foster, Corydon; Ariane Deschamps, 20, New Salisbury, daughter of Yanick Deschamps and Marie-Claude Hebert, St. Etienne Des Gres, Quebec, Canada.

Michael Ray Neafus, 52, Corydon, son of Amzie Neafus, deceased, and Sharon S. Ransdell, Corydon; Brittney Nicole Damon, 30, Corydon, daughter of Anthony S. Damon and Jackie Martin, both of New Salisbury.

Joseph Harry Garcia III, 21, Natalia, Texas, son of Joseph H. Garcia Jr., San Antonio; Jaclyn Whitmer, 22, San Antonio, daughter of Bruce Whitmer, Laconia and Shawna Holder, San Antonio.

Jonathan Michael Russell, 34, New Salisbury, son of Timothy Russell, New Salisbury, and Denise Titmas, no address given; Cynthia Lee Riley, 24, New Salisbury, daughter of Robert L. Riley, Mauckport, and Bobbie J. Cochran Mauer, Palmyra.