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Aug. 10, 2022

Aug. 10, 2022 Aug. 10, 2022

We ask that calls be brief and less than one minute. All comments will be reviewed and those meeting our criteria will be published in the Live Wire column. Libelous comments, rumors, personal attacks and political endorsements will not be published. The Corydon Democrat reserves the right to edit all material.

•I’d like to make a comment about Frontier Communications. After being without service for 10 days and several phone calls, I think my service is restored. The last representative that I talked to with them was from the Caribbean. Whatever happened to our local, friendly service?

•I’m calling in regards to the state of Indiana’s rush to strip women of their rights to make their own decisions regarding private and personal health care crisis. These Republican legislators voted to take away your rights and freedom to control your own body so that they can force you to give birth to unwanted pregnancies. …

•I’d like to make two comments if I can. I like the new format of the Classifieds section of The Corydon Democrat. My reading glasses work just fine. And No. 2, now that the gas prices are going down, where are all the “Thank you, President Biden” call-ins?

•I am very disappointed that The Corydon Democrat would print a person’s past … on the front page of this paper. It should have read that a former sheriff who served from this date to the next date passed away … A family that is burying a father, a husband, a grandpa has enough heartache without opening old wounds. He served his time; let it lay.

•Here we go again with Breonna Taylor. The fact is, if Kenneth Walker had never shot through the door at the police, that woman would still be alive …

•Former President Donald Trump’s infected voice attacks on our democracy does not only affect the higher levels of our democratic voting, such as voting for senators and House members, but it also extends down to our local voting as we have recently seen by our local Republicans trying to eliminate 10 Democrats from the voting ballot.

•I was reading the story in The Corydon Democrat about Cash and Carter making new home in O’Bannon Woods (State Park). I was enjoying it. Turn to the back … on page A8 and what did they do? Start the story over … Next week can you print the rest of the story? We’d really appreciate it.
Editor’s note: A printing error on page A8 of last week’s newspaper affected three stories that started on the front page. You can find all three of those stories, including the one about Carter and Cash in today’s issue.

•I have received four different calls today on my telephone … and thank God my little phone tells me beforehand who is calling … This has went on four and five times a day. I’m sick of it. Is there anybody out there who can tell me what to do about it? How to stop it?

•I have enjoyed the First Friday concerts at Bicentennial Park in downtown Corydon and am looking forward to the final one of 2022 on Sept. 2.