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Plan commission issues 69 permits

Plan commission issues 69 permits Plan commission issues 69 permits

Sixty-nine building permits were issued in June, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, 20 were for single-family houses, to David and Christina Kaufer in Blue River Township, Randal and Christina Crosier in Boone Township, Daniel and Brianne Jenney of Franklin Township, Anita Skinner of Franklin Township, Infinity Homes & Development in Harrison Township, Master Craft Construction Services LLC in Harrison Township, Master Craft Construction Services LLC/Infinity in Harrison Township, Thomas and Allie Gwinn in Harrison Township, Phillip and Elizabeth Hobber in Harrison Township, Kathy and Larry Barnes in Harrison Township, Andrew and Amanda Uhl in Harrison Township, Angie Blunk in Harrison Township, Hunter Toler in Harrison Township, Daniel J. and Lauren Wernert in Jackson Township, Brodie and Alexandria Henson in Morgan Township, Scott and Nicole Ferree in Posey Township, Nathan Ranke in Spencer Township, Levois Davis Jr. in Webster Township, Patrie Davis in Webster Township and Daniel and Melissa McPhillips in Webster Township.

Three permits were issued for modular homes, to Gordon Ingle in Harrison Township, Robert Riley in Heth Township and Clark Anderson in Posey Township, and three were issued for mobile homes, Ashley and Donald Abbott in Morgan Township, Michael Teeter in Webster Township and Martin Kemp in Webster Township.

Other permits issued were for two additions, one agriculture, three alterations, three carports, one deck, 14 electricals, five garages, three pools, one pergola, one pool, one shelter house, eight storages and one warehouse as follows:

Additions — Deron and Tammy Richert, Franklin; Stanley and Jennifer Washnock, Harrison.

Agriculture — Matt Carroll, Morgan.

Alterations — Stephen and Jane Carr, Blue River; Debbie Bulleit, Boone; Arby’s Properties LLC, Harrison.

Carports — Kyle and Brandie Byrne, Blue River; Matthew Trader, Harrison; Robert Davis, Taylor.

Deck — Shelby Jantzen, Harrison.

Electricals — Richard and Sharon McKinney, Harrison; Alex Hoehn, Harrison; Earl Clark, Harrison; Frederick and Joanna Allen, Jackson; Jeffrey Wimbec, Jackson; Timothy Schmelz, Jackson; Watkins Home Restoration, Jackson; Shawn White, Jackson; Matt Carroll, Morgan; Frederick and Krissy Ruedeman, Morgan; Jade Spalding, Morgan; Michael Vanover, Morgan; Thomas Dowdie, Posey; Collin Temple, Posey.

Garages — Daniel and Brianne Jenney, Franklin; Marlena and Honest Wilson, Jackson; Casey Losiniecki, Jackson; Jessica Snawder, Jackson; Bruce and Nancy Bogart, Webster.

Pergola — Old Capitol United Methodist Church, Town of Corydon.

Pool — Joseph and Mona Davis, Washington.

Porches — Josh and Cameron Massey, Harrison; Stephen Stonecipher, Harrison.

Shelter house — Cory and Alisha Taylor, Harrison.

Storages — Katie Schenck, Blue River; Debbie Bulleit, Boone; Paul and Alice Wilkerson, Harrison; Devon and Jordan Fess, Harrison; Access Storage Ventures Corydon, Harrison (two); Morgan Logging LLC, Jackson; Tommy L. Eaton Revocable Living Trust, Spencer.

Warehouse — Robertson Crushed Stone, Blue River.