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Aug. 3, 2022

Aug. 3, 2022 Aug. 3, 2022

We ask that calls be brief and less than one minute. All comments will be reviewed and those meeting our criteria will be published in the Live Wire column. Libelous comments, rumors, personal attacks and political endorsements will not be published. The Corydon Democrat reserves the right to edit all material.

•I just wanted to say something about the very kind pharmacist, Ryan, who works at the Walgreens store. He is very patient and kind, never in a hurry and answers all of my questions. And, I appreciate him being there at Walgreens all these years because he’s very wonderful, very professional.

•I agree with the (comment) in the Live Wire. How much more will The Corydon Democrat go on our local news? So sad. …
•So, 80% of you (responding to) last week’s (Question of the Week) don’t believe that a woman should have any say over her body if she becomes pregnant. Yet, ironically, every night on TV we see male enhancement drugs so that men can have more sex. Yet, they hold no responsibility if the woman gets pregnant. Tell me how that makes sense.

•I’d like to make two points. No. 1, a pickleball court being built at Buffalo Trace (Park) is being built on the old tennis courts that were in disrepair, thereby saving Harrison County dollars by surfacing. The courts needed to be fixed one way or the other but, by choosing to convent to pickleball, Harrison County will pick up more people using the park. No. 2, to the person complaining about the slow mail service these days, please understand that the postmaster general had 671 mail-sorting machines removed and destroyed in 2020. I urge you to read online about this situation and it should explain exactly why the mail has been so slow. Please, read more than one article on this. It is a major, major story.

• Why do laws never get applied to Democrats? Hillary Clinton breaks the law? Nothing happens. Hunter Biden breaks the law? Nothing happens. BLM riots smash a city? Nothing happens. Harrison County Democrats break the election law? Nothing happens. It’s a constant double standard. Laws never apply to Democrats, and it’s just not right.

•I was just at the JayC gas island; it’s Saturday at around 9:30, and there a big F150 Ford and he is pumping gasoline in a blue barrel. Now, this isn’t gasoline protected; this is a regular blue barrel that usually has like feed or something in it, and he’s probably put 25-plus gallons in that tank. I just wonder just how legal is that. Just how really it should be prevented that one vehicle, unless it’s like a Volt or a big truck or something be allowed to pump that much gasoline extra for storage. I don’t know what he’s filling it up with. Maybe it’s a big tractor; I have no idea. But still, if he’s got to get that much gasoline, he should be getting a gasoline-regulated tank to fill, not a blue barrel. This is a serious offense of safety. And what happens if he should be in a accident and gets smashed in the back end of his truck and blows everybody up? …

•I didn’t realize when The Corydon Democrat got sold to that new company that we’d have to have magnify glasses to read the Classifieds.

•I like what you’re doing with the new paper, The Corydon Democrat I’m referring to. But, you’ve got a lot of old people reading these Classified ads that are so small with us old people. We’re blind in one eye and can’t see out the other. Keep up the good work; just make it a little larger.

•I agree with the person that called in for the July 27 Live Wire about the gas station/convenience store on Chestnut Street. I did the same thing that this person did. I pulled in, thinking I was getting cheap gas for some reason and then find out that it’s not available because that’s the old price and they don’t even sell gas. Hopefully, they’ll take that sign down so other people won’t feel like idiots like the (caller) said (the caller) did and I did, too.

•I’m calling about the new (Corydon) Democrat. I don’t know why you made the print smaller … and why you had to change the numbers and stuff in the paper. But for your information, the older people are the ones with The (Corydon) Democrat that read it now and all you did was make it harder for them to read … And another thing, if you do not need a handicap parking spot, do not park in it. Do you know how many people gets out of their cars and run, literally run, into Walmart? And there’s people that can barely get out of their cars and even push a cart, let alone get into a riding cart that need the wheelchair space …