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July 27, 2022

July 27, 2022 July 27, 2022

• I drove past Julie Lane the other day and was sad to see a beautiful Huskie dog chained between two trees in 90-degree weather. If people are going to have animals, they should take better care of them. And to be chained like that is cruel.

• I am calling for the parks department. While I appreciate the improvements being made at Buffalo Trace Park except for the pickleball. That’s totally unnecessary. I feel the money could be much better spent putting a couple of port-a-potties in the Hayswood trail. Wish they would give that some consideration.

• Hey, baby, do you know what’s going on in New Middletown? Their ordinance says no motorized things are allowed on the sidewalk, only powered wheelchairs. Well, guess what? The people that’s doing the mowing has busted and destroyed … the electrical plugs and live wires hanging out … That’s a matter of safety. Let’s get ’er done.

• While driving past the convenience store on Chestnut Street in Corydon, I see many cars at the gas pump, probably wanting some of that $3.19 gas that’s posted in front of the store. I did that early on when prices were going up. I felt like a complete idiot. I wonder how many others feel the same after stopping for a bargain only being told that they don’t sell any gas at all. I thin it’s way past time to remove that posting …

• I’m calling about the story in The Corydon Democrat where the Republican chairman of the (Harrison County) Election Board tried to keep 10 Democrats off the ballot due to a procedural error. This is the kind of thing we read about in Russia … Thank goodness our democracy prevailed this time.

• I’ve subscribed to The Corydon Democrat, I guess, for the last 45 years. It was always a nice-size paper with a lot of interesting articles. And I’ve noticed the, I guess, last two or three years the paper’s gotten smaller and smaller. … I’m just hoping that they’ll come up with a little bit more interesting newspaper.

• There’s a little brown dog running loose in Springs Valley subdivision. If you’re the owner, please get it penned up. Or, if you know who the owner is, tell them to get it picked up or somebody’s gonna call the animal control shelter and they will pick it up and you’ve have to pay storage fees and feeding fees for that dog. So, you’d better get him picked up.

• Please, folks, take care of your little animals this hot weather. It’s almost unbearable for the little animals. So, please keep cold water out for them.

• According to Harrison County Animal Control, there’s a leash law in Harrison County for … dogs, and this nuisance of these two dogs up here … persists. This has been turned in to animal control three or four times now … What’s it going to take for animal control to keep this owner in compliance with Harrison County leash laws?

• If you can’t afford to tip a delivery drier through Door Dash, you should probably go pick up the item yourself. …

• I can’t believe how poor the mail system is. You mail a letter five days early and get a statement the next month with late fees and interest (charges). Since the (postal) rates have gone up, you should have better service, not poor service.

• I’m just wondering does anybody in Harrison County know why they closed the road in front of our house? Nailed it up and then stopped work … ? Are they ever going to finish the work?

• Hats off to the Harrison County Parks Dept. for the great water day at Buffalo Trace Park Sunday. It looked like most everyone was having a great time cooling off, eating free hot dogs and crunching on the snow cones. Looked liked many people, some volunteers, helped make it a success. My family is looking forwarded to the next event like this.