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July 20, 2022

July 20, 2022 July 20, 2022

We ask that calls be brief and less than one minute. All comments will be reviewed and those meeting our criteria will be published in the Live Wire column. Libelous comments, rumors, personal attacks and political endorsements will not be published. The Corydon Democrat reserves the right to edit all material.

• I’m calling about the state highway only mowing one pass. On the property next to us, they own 45 feet, which is three passes, not just one.

• I found a good place in Corydon to eat. It’s the Farmhouse Kitchen on Quarry Road …

• I would like to thank everyone who helped me out during my accident just before you get into Laconia, especially the two gentlemen who helped me get out of my truck and Elizabeth (Volunteer) Fire Dept. and Harrison County EMS.

• Wondering why there is an orange billboard sign on (S.R.) 135 north of Shiloh Road telling us about the popcorn festival and various things when it could be a distraction. I’m surprised someone hasn’t hit it yet. … Who do we contact to get it removed?

• When my husband and I moved here, we were amazed with the wonderful newspapers that were offered here. Coming from another small community, our papers were very small and did not contain much. I could not believe how bad the community people talked about it and the lack of support they gave it. I guess “you don’t know what you got until it is gone” applies here. It’s a sad day for the employees and owners.

• They keep talking abortion this and abortion that. How about talking about birth control first? And then, you are not helping reproductive rights because killing something before it’s born is not reproducing anything.

• This is Ray Wilson calling to thank Mr. (Spence) Wade for his support of my letter about Senate Bill No. 2992. I too thought it was odd that the TV ad is asking only conservatives to call. Makes me think that there is something else about this bill that they are not telling us about.

• Hey, county highway department, when you gonna fill these potholes on Valley View and North roads? They haven’t been touched for a good while.

• There are two pedestrian crosswalks in downtown Corydon: one on Capitol Avenue just south of Walnut Street and, a newer one, on Chestnut Street that runs between Bicentennial Park and Elm Street. It seems there are too many motorists who don’t see the crosswalks or don’t know what they mean. Please, drivers, be more aware and give pedestrians their right-of-way at these crosswalks.